Neuralink Neuron Fusion of Humans and Machines

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Neuralink speculation article discussing the future of biology

neuralink is the future (pixabay)

Introduction: Neuralink is a company based in San Diego, California that has created a technology called Synapse Design. This is the technology that allows two human brains to link together in real time to form one artificial intelligence system. If you are unfamiliar with Synapse Design, it is a technology that was developed by neuroscientists that uses the concept of synaptic plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to change and connect with other neurons. With this new technology the ability to connect two human brains will allow them to create a computer network that will be able to process information and provide relevant answers to questions in real time. (Increment Details)

Physics Find Another Reality Right Beyond This One


Another reality could exist according to Physicists

Physics Find Another Reality Right Beyond This One
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If you are wondering whether there is another reality right beyond this one, then you are not alone. Many physicists have proposed the possibility of multiple universes. The problem is, scientists have not yet been able to prove or falsify their theories. The researchers’ next step will be to test the theory using quantum mechanics. In the meantime, they will continue to look for the best ways to make the universes bigger and more complex.

Light Pollution Falling – Effects on Wildlife

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Light pollution falling all because of high energy costs

light pollution falling amid soaring energy prices
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The charity Lighthouse has tracked light pollution falling around the world, which is a welcome development for wildlife. It has noted that light pollution levels are decreasing in the United States, UK, and Germany. But the question remains: What are the effects of light pollution on wildlife?

This article will explore these issues. Specifically, we’ll examine the effects of light pollution on the environment, wildlife, and people.

Environmental Impacts of a California Dam Removal


California dam removal may impact wildlife in surrounding area

california dam removal project wildlife
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If you have been wondering about the Environmental impacts of a California dam removal project, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about the Environmental impact report, the Fish and wildlife benefits, and the role of Tribal partners.

Termites Traversing Oceans For Millions of Years


Termites traversing oceans for so long and we are just finding out

termites traversing the ocean for millions of years
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Drywood termites traversing oceans has been so for millions of years. They have hitchhiked with humans and built mud tubes to reach distant islands. The creatures are common in Fiji, but why have they made this journey? Why are they now one of the most feared pest species? Read on to find out! Here are some fascinating facts about termites. Let’s begin.

Before we talk about the importance of termite control in Fiji, let’s take a look at the evolutionary history of this pest species.

Gas Prices Continue to Rise in US


Gas prices in US does not seem to be slowing down but why

gas prices continue to rise in US
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On Friday, the national average for a gallon of gasoline rose to $4.59, up 50 cents from a month ago. AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross blamed the recent spike on high crude oil prices, which have been hovering around $110 per barrel. Although the demand for gas typically dips during the winter months, it hasn’t affected prices this year. Still, the influx of cars and trucks into our nation’s cities is raising gas prices.