Neuralink Neuron Fusion of Humans and Machines

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Neuralink speculation article discussing the future of biology

neuralink is the future (pixabay)

Introduction: Neuralink is a company based in San Diego, California that has created a technology called Synapse Design. This is the technology that allows two human brains to link together in real time to form one artificial intelligence system. If you are unfamiliar with Synapse Design, it is a technology that was developed by neuroscientists that uses the concept of synaptic plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to change and connect with other neurons. With this new technology the ability to connect two human brains will allow them to create a computer network that will be able to process information and provide relevant answers to questions in real time. (Increment Details)

Bleached Sea Sponge Finds New Zealand Waters


Bleached sea sponge leaves scientists in New Zealand baffled

bleached sea sponges found in New Zealand waters
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

For the first time in the world, scientists from Victoria University of Wellington have discovered thousands of bleached sea sponges in New Zealand waters. The extreme temperature changes have caused the sponges to lose their rich, chocolate brown colour. The scientists found bleached sponges at more than a dozen sites, including Breaksea Sound in the Bay of Plenty and Doubtful Sound in Fiordland. Marine biology professor James Bell estimates that up to 95% of the sponges were bleached, and hundreds of thousands were affected.

830 Million Old Organisms Found Trapped in Rock


830 million old organisms discovered in rocks but where’s the source

830 million old organisms
Photo by Trent Pickering on Unsplash

Feathers preserved in fossilized resin 830 million old organisms reveal the evolution of flowering plants. Eighty-three hundred million years ago, the ancient rock that formed the ocean floor was home to Baragwanathia, a lycophyte with feathered plants. Scientists were able to find these organisms by using imaging techniques to examine the rock. They found fluid inclusions in the rock that resemble prokaryotic cells and organic compounds.

Scientists Successfully Grow Plants in Moon Soil


Plants in moon soil have finally been realized by the science community

scientists successfully grow plants in moon soil
Photo by Ruan Richard Rodrigues on Unsplash

Researchers from the University of Florida recently attempted plants in moon soil after a study was released this passed Thursday of May 12, 2022. Planting seeds of Arabidopsis, or thale cress, in lunar soil collected during missions. When the seeds sprouted, the researchers were “over the moon” and claimed that their work represented a major milestone in the exploration of this area. The scientists hope to grow plants on other moon-like bodies in the future. For now, however, they are content with the soil they obtained.

Scientists Find Place Deeper Than Mariana Trench


Mariana Trench may have just become second deepest

Scientists Find Place Deeper Than Mariana Trench
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Scientists have discovered life in places that we’d never imagined existed under the sea, including the New Britain Pool and Challenger Deep. While these places lack light, they are home to hundreds of small creatures. These creatures have been named the New Britain Pool and Challenger Deep, and are described in scientific journals. Scientists now plan to explore these areas and find out more about life on earth. But the real question is how deep can we go?

Food Prices in US Begin to Rise in 2022


Food prices rise throughout the US but will it ever settle

food prices in US begin to rise in 2022
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Food prices are expected to start rising in the US in 2022, after a major jump between January and March. While the volatility of these prices is likely to decrease as these products move from the farm to the retail sector, the price of meat and other items is expected to increase. The rise in prices is especially likely to affect meat, especially poultry, and fish, which are already at record high prices. Several factors will likely contribute to this increase.

As food banks report shortages nationwide.