What Causes The Northern Lights

What causes the northern lights

Have you ever wondered what causes the Auroras in the Northern Hemisphere? Auroras are heavenly flashes of light, that can be seen with the naked eye. Scientists have been studying the auroras for many years. In fact, it is so interesting that scientists have even studied the DNA of dolphins. They have found that these animals can also display aurora.

There has long been a theory by scientists that the Auroras are caused by electrons moving around in the atmosphere. For years, they have been trying to prove if electrons are responsible for creating the light we see. It is believed by scientists that when an electron strikes the phosphor, it excites the atom and creates a light emission.

This theory was first proven in 1950, by James Clerk Maxwell, with the help of his new radio technology. Later, other scientists were able to confirm this concept. In fact, the strength of the electromagnetic waves emitted by atoms can be measured very easily.

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