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Neuralink speculation article discussing the future of biology

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Introduction: Neuralink is a company based in San Diego, California that has created a technology called Synapse Design. This is the technology that allows two human brains to link together in real time to form one artificial intelligence system. If you are unfamiliar with Synapse Design, it is a technology that was developed by neuroscientists that uses the concept of synaptic plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to change and connect with other neurons. With this new technology the ability to connect two human brains will allow them to create a computer network that will be able to process information and provide relevant answers to questions in real time. (Increment Details)

What is this Neuralink technology about

The Elon Musk solution for a world moving towards AI? (Audio Version)

Questions society should adhere more often too as not only do we face epic challenges today but the wonders of what tomorrow may bring. The AI conundrum being an inevitability along with the already bloated list of things this world faces as a people. It is not that Elon Musk keeps a close eye on this science project for the sake of tweeting out his opinions. He put his money where his mouth is by investing in something, he claimed could help people keep up with artificial intelligence.

A concern he has been outspoken about for years now.

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But, the way he discusses his experience when bringing this up to the public is what appears troubling. As if his viewpoints get slapped down as speculation and nothing more. Looking at Elon’s observations like a witch hunt and not something worth noting for future reference. It is unclear what kind of distinct countermeasures are in place to deal with an AI gone rogue scenario. But it was most surprising when reports came out that Musk spent money (Ten mill in 2020) just to help slow the progress of these advancements. Like he was aware things would get out of hand and stepped in before it got any worse. (source)

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If only we could know the follow-up to where that landed us after he did this.

Perhaps, that is where Neuralink comes into play.

A brief description from a paper of N L hosted on Neuralinks website states:

“Brain Machine Interfaces (BMIs) hold promise for the restoration sensory and motor function and the treatment of neurological disorders”.

This is how this project is now presented to the public since Musk revealed more was to come in the following years. According to a Wikipedia page it is a corporation that started in 2016 and has received over $158 million by the month of July in 2019. One hundred million of that being from Elon Musk himself as one of its co-founders. With one of the goals being the potential for Human Enhancement.

Now, Musk has spoken about N L before, but it seemed like the basics compared to what he spoke about on his 2nd Joe Rogan podcast appearance. Starting off with describing it as:

For version one of the device it would be, it’s basically Implanted in your skull”.

Which, if this were the twenty years ago would have been too shocking to even consider. But perhaps where we are as a technological society has something to do with that. As the subject of this project seems to have more intrigue in question than the latter. After all, it’s meant to help with serious health-related issues and future advancements with Elon even stating:

It can interface basically anywhere, in anywhere in your brain. So, it could be something you know helps cure say eyesight, like give you, returns your eyesight even if you like lost your optic nerve type of thing”.

Now, if N L is ever to evolve to this point, it’s not only groundbreaking but game-changing as well. Because it is probably safe to say that even Science fiction horror flick buffs would find it hard to argue against healing in that way. It also possible that even if this were 20 years ago, the premise of treating the impossible would not go overlooked. Especially since solutions are a rarity in a world where healthcare is viewed as a limited option in certain areas.

So, this is huge when it comes to those who really need Neuralink to help them. After all, this may the day civilization was waiting for from the science community.

Speculation and evaluation PT 1

However, when it comes to human advancement just for the sake of evolving, that is another story. Which is what this speculation article is about. Because what we are talking about here is essentially the next world-changing moment. The next wave of the Steve Jobs smartphone introduction that made the internet so mainstream that it is essentially our way of life now. Musk explains N L in a way that allows people to run wild with their imagination. As if to say — why not — despite that being his whole philosophy in life.

It is certainly the mindset one needs to try to pull off a Mars trip. Much like a decade’s old movie concept where a Martian crash lands on earth and is just trying to get back home.

It would explain a lot, but I suppose the guys heard that one a billion times over.

But nevertheless, if Neuralink’s expected to allow such capabilities than its clear that the world as we know it could be yesterday’s news. Especially to the very few who would choose to refuse what could be viewed as a biological upgrade.

In theory, further advancements beyond what’s revealed could even solidify humanities chances at calling mars or other planets a second home.

However, in what shape and in what form?

Because make no mistake, this new wave of technology is something generation z could embrace wholeheartedly. Since being unique in a sense that they would have grown up around advanced tech. It is all they have ever known in the world while those introduced to tech could still live without it. But the thing to consider here is the social abnormalities that have occurred and separated those generations as a result. As if to say the price of becoming more advanced as people are to become less humane.

Here already is a screen shot taken on a site called VYDIA that reveals the demographics modern day use of smart phones because of their overview of Tik Tok videos which reads:

Screenshot by AW

As you can see the dis-attachment from technology is becoming more and more nonexistent. However, perhaps there are other factors at play here.

Maybe, the hard-working intro tech people working two to three jobs to stay afloat just never had the time to properly guide the next generation on how to separate life from technology.

Unfortunate and unpredictable circumstances for a younger tech generation. That can go overlooked when evaluating what a new age Neuralink person could become.

Because the premise of social abnormality viewpoints stems from the divided perspective of generations. They will always seem different in some form or another since history has shown us there is no definitive way of humanity. Unless, that has to do with our default setting to migrate, have community, farm, and procreate. Scientifically speaking, the most primal side that will always stay with us. Today, most people would agree that conscious morality is the most celebrated version of humanity that we know of.

That does not necessarily mean it will be that way down the road or if it was always that way to begin with.

In fact is there any evidence to support if it is something that is natural ingrained within us or if it is just another teaching passed down from one generation to the next?

Being conscious yes, but being morally just, being kind to others, to help the person next to you, basic human values many hold today?

The thing that is fascinating about Joe Rogan’s podcast is that topics are of variety as he speaks to people from all walks of life. One time he discussed the purpose of civilization and why we exist in this world. The universal question of what the true meaning of life is. While doing so, an interesting theory emerged during a conversation about purpose, reality, and simulations. One that suggested that maybe that reason is solely to give birth to something new. As if maybe people were just placeholders for something else, within us. The interesting thing is perhaps this biological upgrade combined with generation z could be just that. (source)

Because those who choose to hold on to what they know in this situation may come to bear witness to a new way of life.

And a sample of that life can already be seen in variety as there are people worldwide who have already implemented human symbiosis with tech.

Humans, advanced technology, and the workplace

The problem we hope to not overlook here is reliving the young tech age generation of the 2000s. When there was no way of predicting how things would turn out. Already, automation has made its way into our lives with no intention of slowing down. These are the results of an ever-growing science-based world that have gone too fast for its own good. Fortunately, there have been discussions about how that would affect the workforce and if it could lead to displacement. The real fear being what will people be left to do if all the jobs are permanently transitioned.

Artificial Intelligence has its role to play in this as there is actual footage online that shows a classroom being taught by a robot.

If that is not reason enough to wonder where this is all going then what is?

To assume that AI would not just expand common human knowledge into new territory while being at the helm of the wheel is already questionable. But only to those who bear that perspective which is usually the “In my day we did things this way and this is why it was better” argument. Exchanges that have never held any weight in how humanity should run on a universal scale. Even if say the facts were there it is the choice to embrace it or not that determines where we end up. And as we all know a lot of good things just get lost to time.

Humanity as we know it could be next on that list.

Elon Musk’s approach to this seems to come from a place of knowing the inevitable is already here. So, it is possible that his place in this change is not to help sustain and improve what already is. But to offer a crutch for society so they can transition into a new AI-driven world. Which lands it in that arena of looking good on paper thing. But despite speculation there could be some predictions of great benefit. As one of the ideas would be to not only have robotics in the business place but in the home as well. With that change potentially allowing people to have more free time on their hands. Because essentially, they could have the tech necessary to do the work for them.

This of course is not iron-clad information, just conjecture on how this all could turn out.

However, when you look at it in another way the job of the average person there transitions to sustaining a robot. And how exactly would that work in that kind of world?

  • Would robots essentially represent the person in the workplace?
  • Would advancements and promotions be based on who has the best running robot?
  • Would insurance be separate or help cover any work-related damages or would that fall on the owner?
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The worst part would be if the market for robotics was no different from the very first generation of flat-screen televisions. Because not everyone would be able to get their hands on it unless it is deemed a utility for the home. This would even give a leg up to those who had a head start if that were the case (which we all know works out so well for society). But it would be farfetched to think Neuralink would fall into that class though. Because it seems that one of the goals is to give a new version of the internet by allowing people to connect to each other without all the bulky hardware.

I suppose that could allow your boss even more time to get on you about why your robots not tuned up enough to work right but only this time, it’s done in mental cyberspace!

The Biological Facts

There is also the premise of genetic deterioration in humans that is at play here. Because according to an article by N C B I posted back in 2006 “gene loss during human origin” is legit. So, if we as species already deal with problems like that then it leaves one to wonder if the only way humanity could thrive with Neuralink is if the tech could sustain that in some way. Because otherwise we would then be looking at this from the banana biology angle. As science dictates that the truest form of the banana seed is long gone and what remains today is no more than a cloned mutation. (source)

A supply that always appears at risk and essential for human anatomy and according to an article on live science Dot Com humans consume over 100 billion of them annually.

Info graphic by AW

The theory though with bananas is that one day it will no longer exist for this reason. Because since farming bananas is mostly done A-sexually then it creates large risks and vulnerability to pathogens. In other words, the weaker they became biologically the more they were unable to withstand its environment. If you did not know, scientist considers bananas mankind’s top of the top in food choice as if we are genetically linked in some way.

Maybe they are in more ways than we think and here is what may confirm that.

The y chromosome in mammals are at risk of disappearing which has been given a timetable already of 4.6 million years. This includes humans which exist primarily in the male species as women have the x chromosome. If things turn out this way, then one can say that it will bear a resemblance to how bananas turned out in the world. But here is the thing, that time frame’s based on the rate of deterioration so it can continue to change. Now, it does not seem that Neuralink had revealed if the healing process is artificial or not.

But, if it is then maybe the Y chromosome science should be considered in a world moving forward to being less human than ever. (source)

Then there is the idea that this problem could be combined with the plastic problem we have in the world. Where studies have claimed that aquatic life has consumed plastic waste abandoned in the ocean. So, if you truly are what you eat then there is something else to consider. As people who have seafood in their diet could in theory be consuming plastic as well. Thus, creating contributing vulnerabilities that if not addressed could theoretically leave them as the weaker part of this fusion. (source)

With the possibility that maybe the modern version of human anatomy could crumble under the weight of this idea of symbiosis with tech.

That will once again be greatly accepted but questionable in the long-term. But that reality is only probable if the healing properties of Neuralink are in fact artificial ones.

Now Let us recap with a simpler overview list below:

– People consume plastics unknowingly for an unknowable amount of time that if not definitively addressed could leave an underlying vulnerability in human biology.

– Plastic and who knows what other environmental effects could already be altering DNA thus potentially amplifying the deteriorating y chromosome.

– With the y chromosome gone then reproduction stops unless scientist clones’ cells like the banana which as you read create even more biological vulnerability.

– If Neuralinks healing ability are artificial ones, despite being compatible, who knows if this could strip away the natural order of the human body. While in theory becoming another contributing issue biologically passed down from one generation to the next.

Speculation and evaluation PT 2

Earlier in this article, the theory that Generation Z would be the most receptive to adopt this concept on a universal scale is very real. But here is why that is the driving force of this change.

So, let us address what the behavioral response is to possessing technology that could heal a person on such a level. As we all know, the premise of being young is to think that one is invincible. Now, strap a rocket pack to that kind of attitude and see what happens. Because after witnessing the rise of an uncontrollable nature of a society armed with camera phones. There is a great possibility that this tech could be the next phase of that behavioral pattern.

But, what would that look like essentially?

Well, remember the laws created to place limitations on the camera stick for safety reasons?

Chances are it could become something similar as those precautions emerged because of the imminent danger’s camera enthusiasts (Most people these days) were putting themselves in. Without regard to life or safety to themselves or their loved ones. Only this time it is a hands-free version of that in a world that consistently competes to impress and outdo one another. The question is if society addresses that beforehand instead of letting things run amok before any rules are in place.

Because unlike the 2000’s young tech generation, the proof of turn out on how society reacted and embraced technology is there now.

The idea of expanding new tech like this without safety protocols on an even less self-aware version of society could be catastrophic. Not only for the sake of what happens at first but for the sake of a future already in question. Clearly, the experiences of a new generation will always be unique to its own. But being directionless creates carelessness and there are many things to consider when that way of life is in play.

It even reflects today in the challenges we face in the world that were not addressed the way they should have been. And this is a people who still display a form of moral and just way of being.

Now it witnesses how the world can heal itself when being to slow down. Because despite many serious warnings that things were getting bad, it was the carelessness that dictated the turnout. That is with science-based theories that if the world just took one day off that it would help better the planet on a grand scale. Hopefully, that science plays out now with months at its disposal and a better understanding of how things were before moving forward.

Because unless proper guidance and biological overview is place front and center. Especially, in what could be the next tech age world-changing scenario. The future of civilization could look like a society of full Dr Manhattans from a series called watchmen.

A scientist who has been known for having all the power and knowledge at his disposal but not enough humanity to use it effectively.

Final Take

The thing to consider here is how to handle the transition. As even today we face social behaviors that can seem a bit robotic. Consider Elon Musk who revealed that he had sold off his homes for the sake of reducing distraction from his goal to reach mars. Now obviously that is commendable on so many levels because he is essentially giving himself over to his ambitions. However, by reducing his social life he is in term becoming more of a cog in the wheel that turns Tesla.

Perhaps there is more to that then we will ever know if the goal is to advance and help humanity.

But ultimately, he is essentially handing himself over to what he does. Which could be a glimpse of the modern-day version of what the tomorrow man could be.

Do people do this today, yes of course they do. But what we are talking about here is that way of living spread across the board. Because people would be more connected and capable than ever. Giving the term simple life a whole meaning when the landscape’s changed. In fact, one can even wonder how the people who decline this way of life would be viewed in that kind of world. This premise is clearly based in theory, but it can go many ways if you let your imagination run wild.

So, maybe the mission statement should read:

  • Take care of the human part as much as the tech part if the goal is to truly evolve and avoid turning into something that could be the real-life manifestation of a computer software error.

Now, of course I am not a scientist and its obvious how under qualified I am to discuss such things. But that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t think about the things going on around them in this world. And with that I leave you all with my live example of what that world could look like in this small snippet video:

Written by Antonio Westley

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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