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Purchase Land on the Moon – What will Americans Do When it Becomes a Vacation Destination?4 min read

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can you purchase land on the moon

When was first asked in the ceremony, how long you have been married. Most people think that there will be a bigger gift, maybe a car, jewelry, or something unique to them. However, there definitely would only be a huge unique gift of land on the Moon. You see, once you purchase this property on the Moon from NASA, you will own a permanent piece of property there. You can visit it anytime, you can lease it out to other people or just keep it to yourself.

Imagine having a bigger house on the Moon than anyone else on the planet. Many people would want to live there, some would even make a business out of it, as it would create a new market for the commercial space industry. Just imagine seeing all those beautiful photographs taken by astronauts of our new space program, landing on the lunar surface.

Since we have already successfully landed men on the surface of the moon and have sent and helped send missions to the moon, now we need to learn how to get people to go back to the Moon. This is probably one of the biggest questions we need to answer. Will humans be able to go to the moon in 2040?

Personally, I am all in favor of purchasing land on the moon so that we can explore it and build habitats there. If we build giant moon landings there, we will really have a sense of international pride and it will also inspire future generations. How about a lunar base colony, a base station or a base jump vehicle for astronauts to use as they explore space?

Consider this situation: Suppose we do a series of space missions and land on Mars. What will our neighbors think? Will they be jealous of us and try to take us over? Maybe they will try to steal our supplies and hinder our progress. Will our US political leadership to sit up and take notice?

All this may seem a bit far fetched, but consider this if it happens. Suppose we buy all the technology and resources we need to launch a mission to the moon to study this planet in detail and find out if life exists there. If there is no life, then what is the point of buying the land? Won’t we be doing more harm than good? Will we lose interest in studying space and going on future space vacations? What will the reaction be if we land a vacation trip to the moon?

Perhaps Americans will complain about spying on the moon or the Chinese will complain about us stealing their lunar dust. Will Americans buy peace if the Chinese take control of the lunar surface and take the samples for testing purposes? I mean really, will we want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to go to the moon? Will Americans buy land and go on a vacation trip to the moon? Will the government of the United States of America back to sell them the moon?

A private company from California by the name of Simon Enterprises has come up with a plan that would solve all these problems. They have come up with a plan to not only land astronauts on the moon, but to also send them back to the moon using a new technological development called lunar transfer. This new system will enable anyone who wants to purchase land to do so, and they will get full value for their investment. This concept of lunar property rights is nothing new, but Simon Enterprises has taken it one step farther by ensuring that everyone gets their fair “fair share” of this wonderful planet which is ours for all eternity.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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