How a Fixed Wireless Network Offers Value For Money

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earthquake (Click here for original source image)

Many are wondering if a fixed smart phone network can provide an early warning system for an earthquake and whether it will prevent it from hitting.

There is no official research on whether or not such a system would work, and there are several concerns to think about. Nevertheless, one thing that should be thought about is that it is rather difficult to predict an earthquake. The only way that scientists can get a better estimate is by taking place in areas where they normally have not experienced major earthquakes.

Such early warning, however, might help save some lives if the disaster does strike. The phone networks know that if they offer early warning, people will turn to them in the event of a disaster. They will then alert emergency teams so that they can prepare for the situation accordingly. This way, even if there is a disaster, those who live far from the earthquake’s epicenter will still be able to seek help. If no one knows about an impending disaster, it might take hours or days before the signal reaches those in danger.

A fixed network will allow one’s location to be pinpointed, which is essential for early-morning or evening news reports. Those who live in certain areas might have difficulty locating someone if their phones are switched off. Those who are near the epicenter might also find it difficult to locate someone when that location has changed. It might mean the person has already moved on to a new location. A fixed wireless system can help to overcome these problems.

This kind of monitoring also helps in the case of important texts that may be sent. In this case, one does not have to worry about a loved one forgetting to reply to a text. With the mobile network in place, one can check their phone and see if they sent anything. If so, one just has to retrieve the text. This also saves time because one does not have to go searching for the phone and its SMS storage bin.

Emergency situations can be very dangerous. Those living in the rural parts of the United States or even in other countries where calamities are commonplace cannot afford to be without constant information on the happenings in their area. Smartphones can be very useful tools in making sure people stay informed. In a fixed system, one can easily look up information and notify others through their phones. This is especially useful in disaster scenarios when cell service may not be accessible or reliable.

A monitoring system can also ensure that the phones are used only in emergency situations. There might be times when a smartphone is taken out in the open and users are left to fend for themselves. A system like this can inform authorities if the device is taken out of batteries or tampered with. It can also alert the user to any movement within the vicinity of the device.

Fixed systems from any company can be expensive. It may not be possible to install the same in every home. For those who do not want to buy a whole house system, a mobile internet access network offers great advantages. With a mobile system, one can simply access their phones from any location. This means that a fixed smart phone network offers great value for money.

With a mobile internet access system, one does not have to pay monthly bills for a landline or even a cell phone. The charges are for use only and not for being connected to the network. It also offers the convenience of quick and easy access. The best part about this is that one does not have to worry about connection drop-outs or connection problems as they will be observed while in use. All in all, this is a very worthwhile system which offers excellent value for money.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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