The Topological Axion Insulator and Its Phenomenal Performance

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The Topological Axion Insulator (T.F.A) is the latest technological innovation to achieve ionization at room temperature.

This is of great interest because the human body is made up of mostly water and we need a very large amount of it in order to function properly. We also need a large amount of electrical energy to power all of our systems. T.F.A’s are made out of super magnets which are arranged in such a way that they produce an electric field that is needed to induce electron energy into a material.

The latest research has found that a topological action insulator, a material consisting of interconnected doped rings of different metal having opposite polarity can create a localized electric field that is induced onto an insulating layer. The result is the generation of a very small electric current, which is captured by an outer ring. The induced current is then transmitted along the ring’s surface to another insulating layer, which results in the opening of a leaky path. These leaky paths allow free passage of electrons from the Topological Axion Insulator to the interior metal layers.

The amazing thing is that the process is reversed when you reverse the polarity of the magnets. Thus, you can use the energy that would be wasted in creating the leaked electrons in the original setup. Topological Axion Insulators can absorb large amounts of energy and transfer them into electric current. You can thus use this energy to power a variety of electronics devices, such as GPS systems, ultrasound machines, and photovoltaic panels.

Another surprising discovery recently proposed by a group of researchers led by Professor Emini Vahikhani from University of California, Los Angeles, and published in Nature Physics is that Topological Axions can actually generate their own magnetic field through a process called electro-magnetic bonding. They made use of two kinds of material which are coated on one side with dipoles. On one side they used silicon, while on the other they used phosphorus.

Surprisingly, the combination worked perfectly! This is because silicon is a good conductor of electricity, while phosphorus is not. When the two materials come into contact with each other, they create a magnetic field which is stronger than one caused by just the two materials alone. The next generation of electronic devices would indeed benefit from the Topological Axion Insulator’s ability to absorb and release electrons. This will usher in the next generation of better, more efficient electronic devices.

The researchers did find out that the phenomenon is indeed very real and can be studied in theory. However, they found out that it needs more experimentation before they can prove conclusively that the new quantum state of matter truly exists. Still, the good news is that the discovery is a stepping stone towards new, improved devices, which should help make our lives easier and simpler.

Another benefit of the nation insulators lies in their promise of creating a one-dimensional crystal structure. The concept says that the two-dimensional crystals which are made through this method need not have their layers dipoles. Instead they must have single layers with single dipoles. Previous experiments managed to create two-dimensional crystals, but they only managed it through the use of ultrasonic waves, which were able to pass through just a single layer of the material.

The Topological Axion Insulator is made of two-dimensional sheets of a single crystal structure. The single crystalline layer works like a capacitor, which allows for the creation of a one-dimensional wavefront. This results in the creation of a perfectly flat surface on which the two-dimensional objects could be placed. It is an extremely important discovery since it opens doors to the possibility of creating a perfect two-dimensional crystal structure, without the use of ultrasonic waves, which limits its uses.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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