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What is the Multiverse Theory – Theories Explained?5 min read

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What is Multiverse Theory?

The theory of the Multiverse first arose in many areas of science (and also philosophy), most notably in what’s now called inflationary science. Inflationary theory explains hypothetical events that took place when the universe was far less than a fraction of a second old. This is a rather bizarre and thus far unexplained idea. Other examples of theories that attempt to explain the truth behind reality include quantum mechanics, the fine-tuning of the universe, and the big bang theory.

Now, the question at hand is: does this idea actually make sense? What’s the problem? Well, if you think about inflation, for instance, you will quickly realize that it isn’t actually a theory after all. For a start, black holes don’t really exhibit the same features as inflation. When black holes collapse, they emit radiation into space, but when they don’t collapse, they just sit there without doing anything at all. When you do get to interact with these black holes, however, you can detect their signals, which are picked up by satellites orbiting the Earth.

Thus far, there have been no great theories that fully explain what the multiverse theory is, but there are some clues that do support the validity of it. For one thing, it’s a fact that our own timeline is actually in an alternate timeline that overlaps with that of other parallel universes. Our planetarium at the Museum of Earth Sciences in Washington D.C. actually displays a very striking piece of artwork that depicts a woman looking at an egg laid by another version of herself, while in another frame another woman is holding a baby.

In addition, there is a vast array of evidence that our entire Universe and even multiple universes are connected. There are many clues that seem to show that there are more dimensions or “plexes” of reality that make up the Universe. If you take a look at the history of astronomy, you’ll find that there are many coincidences that have happened that are related to our Solar System, including the fact that every new moon is the same as its predecessor, as well as the fact that half of all planets in the Solar System are the same or very similar to each other.

Theory suggests that each of these parallel universes are, in fact, “wrapped” around one another, or that each was created at the same time with the same laws. What this means is that each universe that we see, including our own, contains laws which are similar or identical, to the laws that governed the creation of our own universe. This is believed by scientists to be a powerful hint as to the possibility of a multiverse.

There are a great many arguments as to what exactly the nature of these parallel universes might be. However, most agree that they must have been caused by the Big Bang Theory, and that this theory provides the best explanation as to why there are only two types of matter in the entire universe, which includes stars, planets, and comets, which are far too diffuse to form permanent colonies within any of these bubbles. Therefore, it is believed by scientists that the multiverse theory is correct, and that the laws that govern different universes also govern our own.

The second portion of what is the multiverse theory pertains to the idea of parallel timelines. If you think about it, if our planet Earth was in an extremely close orbit to another planet, much like the Proxima b, would there be another planet, or a planet very similar to Earth’s very near by planet, that has yet to be discovered? Since there are no written records, or records left by previous civilizations that can be found on our planet, it is believed that another civilization had a written record or kept a record of their civilization for all time. Therefore, the possibility of another planet being in the same star system as Earth, or even a planet slightly further out in the universe exists, which would explain why there are no written records.

The last portion of what is the multiverse theory pertains to the idea of parallel timeliness. If our game Earth is in a stable orbit around another star system, then it could be safe to assume that in the past, before we were born, there were no life forms, and therefore there would be no clues as to where they came from. If we look back into the past, we will find that it was nearly forty thousand years ago, or a couple of million years ago, before we were able to create life on Earth. Therefore, it would follow that if there were no life forms existing within this time frame, then there would be no clues as to where these creatures came from.

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Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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Americaoncoffee (@guest_137)
10 months ago

The words and experiments of science makes us curious. God is Omni powerful over all.

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