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Is the Komodo Dragon in Danger of Extinction?7 min read

The recent announcement that the Komodo Dragon has officially now going extinct is rather remarkable.

komodo dragon and crow
komodo dragon and crow (click here for original source image)

This rare form of life is an amazing symbol of the Endangered Species challenges that plagues this planet. However, it has unfortunately come to the point where it is threatening to become Extinct – a point that has been discussed widely in recent days. There are many theories as to why this occurs, but it seems that it can be pinned down to two main factors. These are loss of habitat and increase in hunting pressure.

One particular problem is that this has led to fewer animals entering the protected areas and into the wild. This problem was first noticed around Komodo in the 1980s. It’s thought that the decline in prey may have been the tipping point, with too few fish in the wild to sustain the animal.

It is possible that they face a slow decline in numbers, similar to the decline that occurred in several other reptile species over the years.

Some think that there could be as fewer and fewer dragons left in the wild. If this is true, it will be very difficult to bring their population back up to an acceptable level. As the future of these incredible reptiles could be bleak.

There are several reasons to believe that Extinction may be imminent. Some say it is because of human activity. The increase in global trade has led to the decline in natural prey animals. There is also the idea that there may be fewer islands around which these animals choose to live.

Whatever the cause, we need to act now. Many ornithologists have already started studying and working on ways in which to protect these beautiful animals. Some have proposed creating a protected komodo habitat where these majestic creatures can thrive. Such a park or reserve might be able to stave off further decline, should the numbers of these super-breeds start to decline.

A few of the bird species that live in the wild seem to show no signs of being affected by the komodo threat. One indication, however, is the fact that these powerful beasts are starting to take more of the birds’ dinner away from them. The Kimodod have been said to have made more than five bird species go extinct in the past few years alone.

It might seem strange to talk about the komodo as being in danger of Extinction, but it’s true. The threats might be many and they might soon become very real.

Theories are weak in terms of where the komodo might go next, but the strongest possibility seems as if they’re headed for the nearest desert. If the recent trend continues, we might soon have to prepare for the strong possibility of the komodo dragons extinction.

How to Prevent the Komodo Dragons Extinction

komodo dragon
komodo dragon (click here for original source image)

There was an announcement by certain authorities of the reptiles habitat that there is a plan to save the remaining wild population of these interesting lizards. Sadly, this latest development is the first time that such a plan has been implemented and it comes at a time when we are facing the most serious global endangerment crisis since the birth of mankind. The numbers of these majestic reptiles are now believed to have fallen by as much as ninety percent due to their being wiped out by poachers over the last few decades. Now, efforts to bring their population back up to an acceptable level have been met with some success, but without an appropriate and sustainable management plan in place, the situation will most likely worsen.

Here are the reasons why this latest plan is so problematic and how better solutions need to be implemented if we want to see the komodo dragons kept alive and protected.

First of all, let’s look at the reasons why this latest plan was necessary in the first place. On a scale of global issues, the quest for a secure reptile habitat is arguably higher than that of diamond mining. Many people are concerned about the huge deforestation problems in the Amazon, where so many different species of flora and fauna have been lost to the illegal trade in wood. Similarly, there is now increasing pressure from conservationists and environmentalists in areas like the Kalahari Desert in Tanzania to protect these incredible animals from being destroyed for future use. It seems that there just isn’t enough space to allow these remarkable creatures to survive.

There is also a great deal of concern about the threats posed by the aquarium trade. As the trade continues to grow, more unique animals are being born across the world and then exported to pet stores around the globe. In the past, the biggest threats to these species appeared to be poachers. However, for changes in the demand of the market this doesn’t appear to be a major issue anymore. However, it is still important to understand the reasons behind this move and how to stop the inevitable.

This is basically the same plan as the one put forth for the pinkie crayfish in Hawaii back in 2021. It doesn’t seem to be having any significant impact on the numbers of these brightly colored reptiles. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to change their behavior when they become captive. It seems that they will simply take over whatever is available and won’t be satisfied until they have taken over that world. While a lot of people might like to see them go, this is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

So, now we turn to how to prevent the komodo dragons from extinction. One option that is being looked at right now is persuading nations in South East Asia to invest in allowing these majestic creatures to enter their countries. After all, they have been an integral part of their culture for centuries and have a deep connection with them. They will surely feel threatened if they are removed from these islands. This might create some issues, but it could very well result in the survival of these beautiful creatures.

Another option being considered is the bringing in of genetically altered dragons. This might sound extreme, but there are actually some scientists who believe that it could be a viable solution. With the proper care and nurturing, the modified animals can easily adapt and thrive once in captivity, thus preventing the komodo lizard from disappearing completely from the earth.

One thing that needs to be considered though is if the international community would be fine with such a plan going forward. After all, it has been suggested that the komodo species could go extinct within the next decade. If there is not a way to effectively bring in these animals into captivity and sustain the population then the worst is yet to come. As it has been struck as hard as any other species facing climate change problems in the world today.

In the meantime though, there are plenty of things that the authorities can do to help make sure that the extinction of these majestic creatures does not occur.

It would require quite a bit of effort, money, and paying attention to the threats posed to them. As wildlife’s natural ecosystem is essential in their means of survival. So, it’s probably best to do everything possible to make sure that these creatures don’t lose their foothold on the earth. Saving them is a noble thing to do, especially in an ever more affected climate in 2021.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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