Does Gaming Help improve Humans Brain Functions?

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Gamers are not only looking for the latest and greatest video games, they are also searching for the one that will improve one’s brain functions.

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With so many types of games available, some say that human beings have gotten too used to games that only help improve one’s reflexes and other mental aspects. However, experts say that one should be careful when choosing the one that will help enhance brain functions.

The latest addition to the video game industry is brain training games. As more people are becoming aware of how their brains work, they have begun to seek ways to make them work better. For this reason, some are opting to play brain games that will improve one’s brain functions. Whether these games can truly do this is an open question.

Games that train a person’s mind are effective because they are teaching a person one’s brain to work better. This is not through mere process of memorizing hundreds of facts or through analytical processes. Yes, some of these programs may help increase one’s vocabulary. However, in no way are these programs intended to teach the brain how to think critically. This is what a good game is supposed to do.

In games that train the brain, the goal is to make the brain function like it did when the player was a child. This means that the player should be able to use their intuition and critical thinking skills. However, expert players say that this is easier said than done. Even experts admit that many brain functions can be improved with various strategies, but it is still a long way off before any game could teach everyone how to think critically.

Brain games are not all about winning. They also teach different aspects of strategy. The game teaches the player to look at a situation from all sides. It teaches one how to be flexible and open-minded. It also helps one develop one’s emotional intelligence. In a sense, it teaches the brain to be resilient and adaptable.

Playing video or computer games should be done in moderation. It should not affect one’s concentration levels. If someone is already having trouble concentrating or is getting headaches after playing certain games, then one should reduce the number of hours he is spending playing the game. Otherwise, the brain cells will just be overstimulated and the effects of the game will be minimal or non-existent.

There are some games that encourage the brain to work harder. The more a person plays a game, the better their chances of improving cognitive skills. These games should also be played in moderation, because too much of anything can be bad for the body. Too many calories consumed for example can cause the brain to work overtime. Gaming is definitely can be beneficial to one’s mental state.

Gaming can also help enhance one’s memory. But only if one plays a game that requires more focus and attention. It should not be too complex and it should involve thinking, which is required for an individual to learn something new. This is why it is important to play games that involve minimal thinking but requires one to use the brain in some way.

Others have claimed that it can also help to improve one’s attention span. When one plays games that require concentration such as chess, it helps one to stay focused for a longer period of time. Gaming does this by helping one to deal with multiple tasks at once. It also helps one to solve problems and to come up with solutions for them.

Overall, the premise of enjoying this kind of hobby can help strengthen one’s mind. But this should not be done when playing games that are too difficult. The brain needs to be challenged on a regular basis. There are certain levels where a person should not give up easily. Once a person masters these levels, they can be sure of having a good and sharper mind.

In the modern sense, thanks to online gaming, those with social skill issues can expect improvement in that arena.

As mingling online can create good quality/essential habits that could go as far as helping people develop his/her interviewing skills. In a study on scientists who interviewed people who played multiplayer games, it was noted that these people were more sociable compared to those who did not play any games. While also discovering that Gamers who participate in online forums and chat rooms were also known to be friendly and talkative.

So, ultimately despite some key elements such as moderation in gameplay, one can see the everlasting benefits in participating in such activities. Especially, when it has a more positive effect on society than one would assume.

Though there are places in the world that are looking to modify and limit gameplay to certain time frames.

Gaming – What Will Gaming Look Like In 10 Years?

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What will Gaming look like in ten years?

That is the question of many hardcore gamer and observers. With the advent of advanced and state of the art gaming technology, it is not surprising to see so much change in the field of Video games. However, the change can be both good and bad. It will mainly depend on how the change will affect gamers.

Gaming is not a static activity and could even be at risk in interest over a ten year period. So, the development and improvements of the latest video game technologies will have to bring about major changes not only in the field of gaming but also in the way people play games. Hence, it is important to analyze these changes carefully.

For the purpose of clarity, let us assume that the current gaming technology is ten years old.

In this case, we will be dealing with two generations in a time period of two decades. In this case, the first generation will have a lot to offer the second generation. Ten years from now, the second generation of gaming consoles will have more features and capabilities than the first generation. Thus, the second wave of gaming technology will come up with new games to keep up with the rapidly progressing technology.

There is one question that remains open to us as we discuss what will gaming look like in ten years. This question is, “What will video games look like when a younger crowd who plays them are in their twenties?” The answer to this question will definitely make a big difference to what kinds of games will be coming out in the next few years. One thing that is clear is that the graphics will be a lot better.

It’s even possible that the quality of the graphics will be optimized for the gamers’ ability to perceive them.

If the graphics don’t push the mold, then the response of the gamers could wain. As gamers response time will be slow possibly due to the risk of eyestrain. Causing game play to suffer. Therefore, ten years from now, if video games are not going to be made with the newest forms of technology, It is probably safe to say that a lot of games could be geared more to a much older demographic. Who’s would be more accepting to such drawbacks just for the sake of having options.

So, what will gaming look like in a full-blown console?

Maybe, it’s possible gaming stream services could help reduce hardware to the level of a Roku stick. As streaming is the dominant form of entertainment these days and has even provided options for gamers now. Though still in its early stages as services improve and the need for software wains it’s very possible that this could be the preferred choice over time. With such things in mind, prices could come down as a result in an overall aspect. As the reduced price mark could create more room for competition, which means better deals on video games, hardware, and subscription packages.

But, one thing that could slow this down is the current chip shortage around the world. A problem caused by the pandemic.

Thus slowing down such plug and play ideas that would just be powerful enough to run game streaming services.

Which is more prevalent these days with technology being reduced to microscopic levels. Whether any gaming business is willing to modernize hardware to that degree is another story. As smaller relaunches of such as the Sony PlayStation micro consoles or original NES micro were once a hot sales item and could be seen as a viable market.

Multiplayer online games can be seen as the dominant choice for gamers. These are games where you can play with other people around the world. Which can be expected to grow to the point of hard demand. Potentially even outdoing normal forms of games and becoming the primary option.

Computer gaming could even be a thing of the past again if a Roku style of gaming is introduced. As casual participants would seek these more practical forms of fun over the choice of maintaining and updating hardware. Of course, hardcore gamers would always probably be found in this arena as a lot of modernization stems from pushing computer gaming.

There are many different types of games out there right now. However, this will change as technology grows. The reason why I say this is because games are becoming more complicated and they are also becoming more technologically advanced. You will start to notice that the games being produced now are more complicated and are trying to push the limits of what our technology can do.

Video games could even become more complex to grow with a more advanced society and even very realistic.

We already know that they are going to become more technologically advanced, but it’s the idea of becoming less expensive that has major appeal. Right now they are very expensive as mainstream hardware can run from $400-$1000. Based on what memory choices one requires, which could seem like a lot on the surface but never enough when increasing your library of games. Which in itself is proof of why game streaming may be a more viable choice down the road.

Especially, in a more financially challenged world.

So, as technology progresses, we may start to see video games become affordable to everyone.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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