What Are The Fifth Forces Of Nature?


A few decades ago there was a big hype about a supposed “fifth force of nature”.

astronomy force
astronomy force (click here for original source image)

The topic of this discussion was the so called “Turbulent Matter” or more popularly known as “Riot Science“. Some folks made claims that this mysterious and unperceived force was going to be the one that would solve all of our problems and make science a fool. In fact, some people proclaimed that we would not even be able to create life without it. Let’s see how this story evolved over the years.

First off, what is “Riot Science”? Well, that was a clever way of referring to Physics. I guess it would be nice if “Riot” could have been pronounced correctly…but that is another story. We will go into details concerning this subject later in this article.

Now, back to the story of the “fifth force of nature”. The first claim was that it was an invisible and extremely powerful force. It was said that it was like the force that created the Law of Attraction, which is supposedly the best law in the world (over fifty percent of all scientists agree with this statement). Additionally, there were also several scientists who claimed that they had observed this force manifesting itself in real-time within the lab. These scientists theorized that the material universe was comprised of a field, and they went on to say that this field was vibrating and was similar to the sound we hear every day.

When you observe the motion of electrons, you can see that it seems to have a beat to it. The other scientists went on to say that this was caused by the fifth force of nature. They said that the vibrations of the electron (which is very heavy) were changing at a much faster rate than we human beings could detect. At first, this seemed very strange because nothing really could be made out of the movement of electrons. However, the scientists went on to say that if you attach these electrons to a metal wire, you will notice a different vibration when you move the wire. This is the same vibration that is being created by the fifth force of nature.

The scientists further explained that there are various different types of vibrations, and each type has its own purpose within the larger field. For example, while the sound you hear on the radio may seem completely random, it actually has certain wavelengths that are necessary for your brain to pick up the sound. Likewise, these waves are necessary so that other objects can have their shape. The same theory is used in the creation of music; certain notes will correspond to pitches while other notes will correspond to harmonious tones.

The second claim made is that this powerful force of nature is also responsible for the stability of the earth. Because matter is held together by this strong force, scientists believe that there are a lot of theories in physics that would explain the stability of the entire universe. In addition, the moon, stars, and even comets are believed to be held together through this effect. It was also said that animals also have this ability; animals use it to swim to escape from predators and to move on land.

The last claim made is about the speed of the earth. According to NASA, it takes the solar system about four billion years for the material to create that very fast speed. This is because the earth has only been around for about half that amount of time. Also, it was said that the faster it moves, the greater is the stability of the environment.

These theories were used to come up with a new explanation for gravity. They came up with a new concept called the Quantum Gravity Theory. It was believed that gravity was affected by the fifth force of nature, and that the repulsion and attraction between bodies were responsible for making objects fly through space. This theory has found support among many people, but there is still some skepticism as to whether or not it really exists.

There have been attempts made to test the strength of the fifth force of nature, but so far, no significant results have been found.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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