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How Time Crystals Can Dodge the Second Laws of Thermodynamics7 min read

Time Crystals is rare artifacts created through an experimental process.

crystal ball
crystal ball (click here for original source image)

They were first created in 1964 by J. Robert Oppenheimer and served as his thesis topic. The topic was his Ph.D thesis entitled “Theoria Calculus and the Law of Conservation of Mass.” It’s important to note that this subject was first discussed by Einstein over eighty years ago and has never been fully explained.

This rare timepiece was created during a mission to NASA JPL. During the mission, NASA scientists developed a new theory of time and space. It’s predicted that time will continue as it always has, regardless of what we do. Oppenheimer was intrigued by this concept and sought out a way to test this theory. It was while he was working for NASA that he made this discovery.

Time Crystals has the ability to avoid all the problems associated with General Relativity and Albert Einstein‘s theories of relativity. It has the ability to go back in time, by traveling through time, to be experienced the events that occurred just before it was created. It is able to make us aware that there must have been some sort of interaction, or a spark, when it was created. It was discovered that it can be used as a tool to show time through a crystal, which defies our current understanding of how time travel works. This was Oppenheimer’s idea to begin with, and he was the one who realized that this discovery could be crucial in helping to prove time traveling is possible.

The only problem was that no one knew exactly how this newly discovered law worked. There were some hints that it had something to do with crystals, but no one was really sure how it worked. Scientists weren’t even certain if it had been found by accident or by planned research. The original goal was to use the crystal to help with time travel. A plan was eventually drawn up for a project known as the entangled pairs project; this project involved connecting three such time crystals together.

These were set up in a lab, and experiments were conducted using them to see if they had any affect on the second laws of physics. When these crystals were connected, it allowed for them to interfere with one another, thus canceling out their interference. This caused them to become in phase with each other, which allowed them to travel back in time. This experiment showed that these two forces of nature that existed in space were dependent on each other, and could be brought into being from somewhere else, outside of our galaxy.

After this, other experiments were performed using a different type of crystal. A slight variation was done on this project, and the results allowed for a space ship to use time and space travel without the use of a crystal. The hypothesis stated that a variation of this power existed within the space vessel, therefore creating a loophole through which it could pass through. In order to test this hypothesis, more space ships were constructed that had the ability to travel faster than the speed of light. After this, scientists were able to prove that both the first law of thermodynamics and the second law of thermodynamics were in fact the same.

Through the use of a mathematical equation, it was found that the spacecraft of the Enterprise had a unique source of energy.

How Do Time Crystals Work?

amethyst (click here for original source image)

Time Crystals and Thermodynamics, they seem to be one in the same. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by Time Crystals and their amazing ability to manipulate time-space and time itself. When looking for answers, it can be quite a task finding out what is going on with the science of atoms and molecules.

But there are forces at work that have been puzzling men for centuries. The real breakthrough came when James Clerk Maxwell developed a new way to understand the atom and the laws of its movement and interaction. This was a much more satisfying result than simply understanding energy.

What he did was mathematically calculate how much force was required to keep atoms in motion and how much force was needed to keep them moving. That was fifty years ago. Since then, we have made great strides forward in the understanding of atoms and how they interact with each other. Particles like electrons and protons are now well understood.

But we still do not know the answer to how they change when subjected to light and heat. We do know, though, that they vibrate and give off energy. We know, too, that when this energy is put together with matter it produces an electromagnetic field. That is the basic building block of all electricity. Time crystals, with their ability to alter the flow of time and their seeming ability to manipulate matter, are a boon to those in the scientific and energy industries.

How, then, do these crystals work? It has been explained that they work by ‘tuning’ to specific wavelengths of light. A particular wavelength of light has been found to correspond with a particular energy state of the crystal, which makes them respond as they do. To give a simple example, a particular ‘color’ that the quartz crystal emits when energized is green. If you put white light directly onto the quartz, white light will be emitted, just as it would be if you directly applied heat to the quartz. Now, when the quartz is energized by white light, it emits its own ‘color’ of green.

These unique time crystals have been used for centuries as an alternative to better living through Feng Shui. Because they change with the passage of time, they can help to change one’s environment to make a home more harmonious. There have also been claims of this aiding with healing, as they are thought to calm the mind. This is because crystals vibrate, just as music does, and the stones seem to move back and forth between two opposing poles.

Scientists are not completely sure how these unusual crystals work, but one theory suggests that they use energy to both alter the environment and themselves, just like a metronome does. Because these crystals vibrate at different frequencies, they seem to move around objects as waves. If the crystal is placed near something that is being agitated or shaken, the ‘energy’ that is emitted may be picked up by the crystal and cause it to alter the surrounding area. This is similar to how a bird’s eye view can be transformed by shifting the focal point. It is also possible that the crystals ‘feel’ the movement and changes in the area so that they are able to reflect it back.

Time crystals are still undergoing research, and no one quite knows how their effects on the physical world are produced. Many people, however, swear by them and their abilities. For this reason, many people collect and share their crystals. The Internet, for instance, is full of online shops where collectors can buy and trade these amazing little wonders (Research required). The true science behind them, however, remains a mystery – and scientists are just trying to begin to understand it. But they seem to be coming close these days.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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