Did Humans Once Have Tails?

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One of the most intriguing questions about our evolution is, “Did humans once have tails?”

dragon ball human tail
dragon ball human tail (click here for original source image)

This is a question that scientists spend a great deal of time attempting to answer. There are many theories that explain the evolution of human tails. Some of the most common theories explain the loss of a tail in human evolution through gene loss. Theories also suggest that tails are lost due to social pressure.

Does the Human Race Need Its Tail? Consider if you will the condition of some of the less than stellar Human Beings on the planet. Is a man with a flabby tail a sign of intelligence? Would a tail have helped humans live more easily in the cold climate without the benefit of thick fur and warmth? Perhaps it would have provided them with a better way to protect themselves in colder environments.

If we look into the past of our evolution, there are several fossils of very small Humanoids that are found in museums around the world. Many scientists speculate that these types of fossils may be evidence of our first ancestors walking on their hands. Although no one knows for sure how or why they developed such appendages, there are some clues that support the idea that humans once had tails.

Why did humans lose their tails? Some scientists think that the loss of the tail may have been linked to the development of big teeth for eating insectivore food. This theory explains why the earliest fossils of H. Erectus show evidence of large molars. The theory also suggests that H. heidelbergensis, the genus that includes the fossils previously mentioned, may have been the first species to lose its tail. It is possible that after evolving into a better predator, large molars would have been replaced by sharp teeth, which would have made it easier to kill prey.

If the tails were lost, did humans evolve into a tailless species? Well, if we look at the shape and structure of modern humans, it is quite clear that they still have very small tails. In fact, the most distant relative of humans with a fully developed tail, the Cro-Magnon man, had a barely visible tail. It is likely that other early species of humans developed very small tails as well.

Some people have even speculated that the missing tails are signs of how primitive human beings were… Perhaps the loss of tails is proof that humans are not as evolved as previously thought? Another hypothesis is that humans lost their tails because of hunting. Because the tails of primitive animals were useful for climbing and swimming, the early hunters would have taken great pains to get rid of them. If so, the missing tails are signs of how integral the tails of humans were to their survival in the Pleuroceans… until they vanished.

Are there any facts to support either theory? Unfortunately, no. We do not know where or when humans lost their tails. There is one possible scenario, though: researchers have discovered that the fossilized remains of twelve modern whales show evidence of having tails. And we also know that dolphins have both ears and a tail.

So, if you are wondering “Why do some people believe that humans once had tails?”, then you have just came to the right place! Read on for more information on this fascinating subject. Curious to know more? Get your own copy of “Why Do Humans Have Tails”, “The Truth About Human Tr tails” or “Trisket” (the movie).

The first hypothesis that scientists put forward (if scientists even can safely call themselves soothsayers) is that whales developed the ability to wave their tails when they wanted to communicate. Think about it: if a whale wanted to warn other whales of danger, would they do so by flapping their tail? They wouldn’t. Instead, they would wave their mouth (which would make a lot of noise, to be quite honest). Scientists have also suggested that whales use their tails as camouflage. That is to say, that they hide behind the appearance of their tails.

The second hypothesis, which is the more likely one, is that human beings evolved from a group of small, fast-running mammals that used their tails as weapons. In other words, our ancestors may have used their tails as weapons. They may have used their tails as swords, sticks, or even shields (as they did with bows and arrows).

Or maybe used them like Dragon Ball, only in this case people would be de-powered as a result of losing the tail. Well, technically that happens in Dragon Ball as well so, …

If the hypothesis that humans once had tails is true, then the evolution of human beings out of the smaller and faster humanoids such as the Cro-Magnon and the later hominids was incomplete. Perhaps, there was a transitional period between these different forms of human evolution, and the tails were lost in the evolutionary process. If you are an anthropologist interested in this topic, you should research this hypothesis on your own.

But, will we truly ever have the answer to this question?

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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