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Dark Energy Particle Found on Earth May Be Used For Free Power5 min read

Have you heard of the Dark Energy particle? If not, then you are just like millions of people who nay have not heard about this latest breakthrough.

dark energy particle
dark energy particle (click here for original source IMG)

The Dark Energy particle is said to be one of the four known particles that are produced from a Big Bang theory. If this particle can be discovered, we may be able to use it for our benefit and to control our environment. This will definitely be a wonderful help for those who want to save the world.

How did the Dark Energy particle come to be? There were two theories that were initially believed to be true. These two theories were the Flatbed and Baryon Radar Dating methods. If the Dark Energy particle is indeed found, these theories must be either discarded or improved upon. The Flatbed method was first believed to be accurate by some, but it was later found that it was wrong.

It was then replaced with the Baryon Radar theory. This would be more accurate and it is what is currently being used today. If the Baryon Radar could be perfected, it would be able to determine if there was a dark matter on the other side of the moon. The Baryon Radar would also be able to detect the different sized neutrinos.

If the Dark Energy particle is found, it would prove that our universe is made up of dark matter. In addition, it would also mean that other similar particles exist. In our present day world, these other similar particles have been detected, and they are named dark matter. They were said to be first discovered by scientists way back in 1970.

Now that this highly anticipated particle has been found, what will be the next step?

What do we exactly need to do to find it?

What can we use to find it, and how do we determine if it exists or not?

How much better would it be if we were able to have technology that is able to locate this particle?

Today, with the use of satellites we can find almost anything that we need.

If you take a look at outer space, you will see that it contains a lot of space dust. This means that there are a lot of empty space around our planet. This actually gives a very interesting idea about what the dark matter consists of. When these particles come into contact with solar radiation, they will slow down. This will then cause the electrons to move at a much faster rate, which would in turn produce neutral particles in space.

We know that there are about 4×10 photons per second moving through space, which would equate to about 400 particles moving at the speed of light. If you could get a way to capture this radiation, you would be able to capture the electrons and make them faster. That is what scientists have been doing for years, but they have not been successful. They have been trying to use magnets as a way to trap the particles, but that also has not been very successful.

One day, hopefully that will change. We will be able to harness this dark energy and put it to good use. Once that happens, I think we will be seeing an amazing time in the future. Just think how it would feel to go to space, and see what is up there.

We may even be able to tap into this dark energy particle and use it to help us heal our environment. If we can capture this energy particle and convert it to solar radiation, then we will be well on our way to fixing our planet. Many people are scared to go to space because of the radiation. If we can capture that particle and put it back into plasma for space heating, you would be helping not only our space program but also the future of the human race.

Many people who travel to space and stay there for a year or two do not worry about their health while they are there. However, imagine being able to live off the land for a month. That would give the rest of us something to look forward to when we get off the space ship. It might not be as exciting as going to the moon or Mars, but it would still be a huge step in the right direction.

There are many mysteries in the universe, but there is one big one that has been shrouding us for centuries – how did the dark energy particle come to be? It is up to scientists to figure this one out, hopefully sooner than later. If they can capture this dark energy particle and turn it into a source of clean, free energy, we will finally see a new way to power our civilization.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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