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Solar System and Large Magnetic Tunnel Relation8 min read

Solar system and using large telescopes to get a true view

Solar System
earths magnetic field (click here for original source image)

However, we also now have the technology of viewing our solar system with the use of a satellite in space. Best known as the SOHO (Small Earth Orbiter Hi-tech) instrument. Here are some interesting facts about this latest technology.

The formation of the solar system was a long time ago when a massive object crashed into the center of our galaxy resulting in the creation of the largest object in the solar system – the very first planet. The object that created the solar system was much like comets but much smaller. It also had a very thick atmosphere and was very dusty as well. The other objects within our solar system are smaller, rocky, and irregular.

The formation of the solar system was also caused by a large magnetic field, which emanated from the very core of the planet. As the solar system expanded, the large magnetic field began to pull upon the other smaller bodies in the solar system causing them to wobble. This eventually became the first “osphere” or “heliosphere” around the planet. The large magnetic field was also responsible for causing other strange effects such as the formation of water vapor clouds, comets, and ice clouds in our own solar system.

Many of the planets within our solar system have a magnetic field, as does our own moon. A large portion of the Moon’s interior is made of iron, as is much of the space surrounding it. A recent study of data taken from a satellite orbiting the Earth found a large magnetic field emanating from areas of the Moon that show an enhanced structure of iron and aluminum metals.

This magnetic tunneling also has a very interesting cause and effect. If you look at your watch, you will notice that it has a small circle on the face. This “ring” is actually a very large magnetic tunnel that encircles the watch very tightly. This is what scientists believe is causing the accelerated decay of the inner ring of the watch.

What is even more interesting is that this magnetic field can extend outside of the Earth’s atmosphere!

It has been noted that there are pockets of this magnetic energy around the outer edge of space. Many scientists believe that these pockets are the source of “antimatter” and even the power for “wormhole” technology. One idea is that this magnetic energy can help create a worm hole and allow someone to escape from one part of our galaxy into another where they may be able to contact us for assistance in solving some problem they may be facing on other planets.

A recent study did find a way to create a magnetic field which could help create an artificial wormhole. It was found that when a very strong magnet was placed near a metal plate, this caused the metal to produce a magnetic field strong enough to induce a tunneling effect. This would allow for ships to use a “worm hole” to escape capture and be rescued from impending doom. Of course, such a system would be much too bulky for a ship to use today but the potential for future space exploration just may give us an answer as to what we need to do to colonize other planets!

One final thought on the relationship between the solar system and the magnetic field around it: if this is the case, why hasn’t NASA figured this out yet?

NASA is supposed to be the leading organization for space research and exploration. Why haven’t they figured this out on their own?

Are there other elements that have to do with it?

Perhaps they are looking for a way to make a better model to use in their missions.

Solar Systems Affixed To A Magnetic Tunnel

Solar System Map
solar system (click here for original source image)

Are all Solar Systems surrounded by a magnetic tunnel?

Is this not an urban legend? It has been around for many years and is beginning to gather enough credence that it merits some serious investigation. It was first claimed by a mathematician nearly 200 years ago and has since then been the subject of much debate. It is a fascinating subject in its own right and deserves to be looked into.

New research is indicating that the solar flares, space weather, and other celestial events are in fact responsible for producing the observed magnetic fields that radiate from our Sun. But, is this a new discovery or is this how things have been going on since the beginning of the solar system?

These questions need to be answered, because if it isn’t a new discovery, then why are all solar systems surrounded by such a magnetic field?

There is one possibility, and it only needs a bit of thinking to see why. The hypothesis is based on the fact that all electric conductors are characterized by a unique magnetic field. In order for the electric current to occur, two or more adjacent conducting metals must be forced to flow at the same instant. When these metals move, they push on the magnetic field. This creates an electric current, which is very useful for human beings to use in day-to-day life.

The electric currents created by the flowing metals work against each other in a complicated way. Because of this, the flow of the metal and the magnetic field do not simply go in the same direction. They actually work together and cancel one another out. The flow of the metals and the magnetic field interact with one another as well. They cancel each other out and create what is known as the force field, or the electric field. This can be seen throughout the solar system, because every existing star has a solar system with multiple planets.

One of the most important things about how to explain the existence of electric currents is to show you how they flow through the solar system. The actual term “electric field” can mean any one of a number of things. For instance, it could mean a change in magnetic field, or it could mean the movement of charged particles. There are also some theories that say it could be a stream of electrons. Whatever the terminology used to describe it, the important thing is that the flow of the electric currents is well represented by this magnetic field.

A solar system has a number of moving parts that all need some sort of input to work. All electrical circuits are going to require some sort of power in order to function, and they will draw on electrical currents from the location where they are located. In order to understand how to explain the presence of a magnetic field, one must first understand how electricity works. You see, when you put two pieces of metal together, whether they are insulated or not, you can create a current. This current is actually a combination of magnetic field and electrostatic charge.

When an electric current flows, it creates an electromagnetic field, which is known as an electric field. This field will push against any foreign matter which is in its path, including electrons. The existence of a magnetic field around a solar system was studied for more than a century ago, and it was found to help define the orbits of comets. Comet orbit diagrams are somewhat similar to those of the solar system, as well, and the presence of a magnetic field helps to explain why comets travel in such common patterns. It is also believed to help explain why comets are near to stars, as well as why they appear to wobble.

It is possible that the presence of a magnetic field around the solar system also helped to create a very large hole in our ozone layer, which is thought to be behind many global warming effects. Some scientists are looking at the effects of the hole in the ozone layer as possibly causing extra amounts of solar winds. This wind would be helpful in deflecting this, which would reduce the amount of charged solar particles flowing into space, thus reducing the number of charged particles floating around in space as well.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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