NASA Private Space Stations


NASA is working hard to design and build the largest and most sophisticated space stations ever.

space walking
space walking (click here for original source image)

The space station will be utilized for many different experiments. When completed it will be used for manned space flight. There are a number of teams currently working on this project. Some of them are working to develop the technology, while others are trying to figure out how best to use it.

One of the latest technologies being employed is known as Starshot. It works by using a small dish that can be moved around to find the closest star or planet in our solar system. Once it has ascertained that it has found what it was looking for, it makes a small “bubble” and releases a small satellite. The satellite is then picked up by another robotic space probe. This is the same technology that was used to discover the asteroid inclination on the outer atmosphere of our earth.

Starshot technology is not new however. It has been around for years. The challenge to design the right model was to make it operate at a size that would fit into an amateur’s craft. This would also allow for more than one of these craft to operate at any given time. The biggest challenge was making it operate at a stable speed so that experiments could continue to test the theories of astronomy in the same manner that they had always done.

When it was completed it was originally planned for two at a time. The plans were changed however to three at a later date. If you consider how long it took to get from the first unmanned space probe to the last one with humans, it’s impressive that NASA managed to do it. They accomplished this through careful planning and the use of technology that had never before been used in this fashion.

The most recent of NASA private space stations is called the International Space Station (ISS). It is the biggest and most complex of all the projects. It is being built by a private company in collaboration with NASA. It will serve as a research station and as a temporary habitat for astronauts.

While the majority of the work on NASA’s latest project is being done in orbit, there are a number of experiments in the laboratory on the ground that need to be done as well. Part of this work will be to gain further knowledge of the human factor in space, such as what makes people feel comfortable to spend time in a confined environment. Understanding that most people will not remain in one place long enough to make it a permanent place of residence will be important to future explorers.

Some private space stations are designed with the long-term goal of serving as a permanent habitat for astronauts. The design of the ISS is such that it will require less equipment to maintain than do stations that are being used today. For instance, the pressure of the Earth’s atmosphere can cause some systems to malfunction. These will be issues for astronauts when they live on the ISS. They will also have a more cosy environment, compared to being cramped up inside the Soyuz.

NASA is also looking at ways to keep astronauts from becoming trapped inside their Soyuz vehicle once it lands. There are currently two different escape mechanisms, namely a braking system and a thruster. Private space stations will likely make use of these methods in the future as a way of preventing disasters.

In addition to this, the stations have been said to also provide a way for scientists to conduct experiments in a controlled environment. The experiments will also provide data for NASA scientists to use. If we were to go back in time just before humans first stepped onto the moon, we would probably find a few lunar colonies still in use today. This means that some of the technology invented on Earth, was also put to use by NASA. Studying such things as the moon’s gravity, the distribution of gases in the atmosphere and the ability of plant life to take in water will help scientists gain knowledge of how we can live longer and healthier lives in the future.

In addition to studying the stars and planets around us, space stations will also be able to study more earthly things. Since the earth is going through an immense ice age, scientists need a way to study how we are losing our atmosphere. Many of the worlds in our solar system have had their atmospheres damaged. This can help them learn whether or not it is possible to live in a space environment, with the right type of atmosphere. It will also help them better understand the mysteries of space and the universe.

NASA has been said to be a very valuable part of humanities future. As we continue to push into the unknown, the value of NASA space missions will become more important. These types of private space station are a very good way to fund such worthy research. We can learn a lot from the research that NASA does.

What Are the Benefits of NASA Having Private Space Stations?

satellite over earth
satellite over earth (click here for original source image)

It is an interesting question, “What are the benefits of NASA having private space stations?”

Well, to start with it would be a good thing to have a base on which we can explore space and perhaps find life.

Why? Well, it might give us insight into space weather, black holes, gravitational pull of other planets, and even black hulls. It also would give us the means to land astronauts on the moon and even to bring them back to Earth by using the space shuttle. But that is just scratching the surface of the numerous advantages of having a private space station.

A private space station would be quite sturdy and robust. That is one obvious advantage. And it would be so much easier to construct if we had all the necessary technology to do so. And most people are aware that we cannot afford to lose such an enormous advantage, right?

How can NASA do this?

They need a partner, someone who would help build the private space station. But wait, aren’t we supposed to send humans to the moon, and Mars as well?

Yes, but that is a completely different subject. We would send cargo vehicles there to return these supplies.

It might be a good idea to form a partnership, and in sharing the technology, for instance. They would be able to use these tech uses and make it their own, while we brought the benefits of it back to the US and gave it to the international space agency for use here on earth. Therefore, it might be a good business venture, for all we know.

Can NASA partner with businesses and build private space liners as well?

Yes, and they have already done it, for instance with the Space Launch System and the Space Shuttle. Therefore, it makes sense. One might argue however that it costs too much to launch these vehicles anyway, and we already have the systems that we need. So, why not just purchase those which already exist, and use them.

How, again?

Well, they have already signed agreements with various companies, and one of these is with Space Access, which is a company based out of Colorado. This company actually will help NASA design and construct their space station. Their website even states that they will serve as the company’s primary contractor and will oversee all construction work. Sounds like a great partnership, doesn’t it?

Since they have been doing this kind of work and helped build the international space station, and other space operations, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Why are there any commercial partners needed?

Well, first off, these commercial partners would have a stake in the success of this project, and they would also get some return on their investment. And since it will be done entirely within NASA, they would also have direct access to the funds needed. And, more importantly, they are companies with something to lose, as NASA seems to have always had a great working relationship with them.

They are known to invest millions in NASA research, and even contract them out to help complete construction of these space stations.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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