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Theoretical Black Hole That Erases Your Past11 min read

Black hole theory that intervenes with reality itself

Black Hole
black hole in the universe (click here for original source image)

Black hole theories gave rise to a recent article in Nature called “Theory black holes that erase their past and your future” by astrophysicist Konstantin Batygin. That discusses evidence that such giant space storms may be the cause of extra large-scale explosions in our galaxy. Such explosions are a natural phenomenon and they do tend to result in a “big Bang” that wipes out everything nearby. This is the theory behind why “planets” tend to form and leave elliptical orbit patterns.

When such an event happens on a very large scale, it can literally erase all of the previous information that was sent into space along with it, including your DNA.

People may have always wondered what kind of “erasure” such as that would be necessary to erase your memory. If we had a way to take a look at the black hole interior using telescopes, would we see rings or “solar flares?”

Surely there must be something that can send “information” into space in the form of radio waves, right?

And if there’s such a thing as “gravitational waves” (which are caused by ripples in spacetime), shouldn’t we be able to send messages into space and erase what’s been erased already?

Theoretical black holes that erase your past and your future are nothing more than empty shells. They have absolutely nothing inside of them and cannot be used in any way to actually send information into space. They were never meant to be stations on another planet or satellites orbiting around our own. Even if such a thing existed, it would not be a good idea to try and destroy it.

What if instead you could use what is referred to as “ring technology” to send messages into space. By utilizing what is essentially a ring of light, you could send a message to an outside third party. The outside party would then receive the message and it would be sent back down the chain of communication. In theory, you could be the sender and the other party would be the receiver. It might sound complicated, but it really couldn’t be much more complex than that.

The rings used in this theory should be made out of something similar to plasma. It would be extremely hot, like plasma, and extremely dense. It is designed such that it would take an extremely long time to pass through. The rings would have a very slight edge on the other side, where time and space wouldn’t be affected in any way. You might be wondering how it would work, and that is where the concept gets complicated.

If the rings were made out of ring tiles, they wouldn’t take nearly as long to travel through space as they would if they were just normal rings. The ring tiles would be coated in a compound that when placed together would turn them into a plasma. When traveling through space, the compound would create an edge to space that would push the ring onto that side of space. When the ring came into contact with something on that side of space, it would push the tiles off that side, thus leaving a space between the two sides of the space.

While these rings are very interesting in theory, it is unknown if they can actually be built and utilized in a real life setting. There are a lot of possible problems that come along with this theory. First of all, the rings would get very hot when they were first made and there would be a huge problem getting them to travel through space without heating up and causing them to shatter. Another problem comes from space being filled with many different particles, which would cause the ring to be buffeted around by the gravity pull of other smaller particles and cause it to lose some of its material. All of these issues could bring us a very long way towards the discovery of theoretical black holes that erase your past.

It would be a very big advancement if we were able to utilize these rings in our day to day lives. Also, we might be able to utilize the rings for space travel or time travel. The sky is not the limit when it comes to these ring designs and concepts.

The Time Traveling Phenomenon With Black Holes in Space

Black Hole In The Galaxy
black hole in the galaxy (click here for original source image)

This is one of the latest Time Travel fictions, and it has to be one of the most bizarre, as well. It involves traveling back in time using a black hole. In fact, this concept was conceived by a theoretical physicist named Albert Einstein, but it didn’t take off for some time because it seemed too strange. Now, though, we have quantum mechanics that explains why black holes are so special.

Einstein’s time travel theory says that your body can go back in time via wormholes that exist just within the reach of your space ship. What you need is a very large and extremely thin piece of space-time, which we know is going to be a black hole. The space ship is traveling through a wormhole, and it will take time for the wormhole to be shaped like a wormhole, with a spiral shape. When it is, the time travel machine will pick up your signals, and it will lead you back in time.

There are many ways that this can work, and they are all related to what we know about quantum mechanics. First of all, time travel isn’t just about traveling back in time. It also includes traveling forwards, as well. That is to say, if you can send information faster than the speed of light, then you can “travel” in a way that lets you go back in time. You might be thinking at this point that there’s no such thing as time travel, but this is actually very much the case. Einstein’s theory of relativity is based on this, and it also says that you can send information faster than the speed of light through wormholes.

Another way to think about this theory is that time travel is possible because space-time itself is a wormhole. Planets, stars, and other things in the Universe are made of wormholes. Wormholes are regions where space and time do not exist. Think of a hole in a space elevator. You go up, and then return down. This works perfectly for wormholes, too.

This leads to the third theory: that traveling through wormholes is possible. One possible route would involve going through an elliptical wormhole. Elliptical wormholes are “tunnel” shapes, similar to the famous NASA photograph of the spiral arm of a black hole. A traveler can only go in or out of an elliptical wormhole at the speed of light, which means they can time travel. This is possible because traveling through wormholes is believed to be faster than the speed of light through other means.

This brings us to the fourth theory: that time is passing through different holes in space-time. In this theory, time is passing through different wormholes that lead to other wormholes. The traveler must align their space ship with each hole, and in doing so, their ship will travel faster than the speed of light through that space-time continuum. If this is true, it means we may have traveled back in time-not just across it.

Finally, there is the idea of time travel that doesn’t rely on black holes. It instead relies on quantum mechanics. Physicists have studied for years how waves can pass from one energy state to another. In short, they study how two particles can get “smacked” together and re-merge, creating a wave of energy.

In short, it’s all about wormholes. They may not be black holes, but they are the key to understanding time and space-travel. Will time travel through wormholes be possible?

Only time will tell.

What Other Theories exist With Black Holes?

Black Holes Outside The Universe
black holes outside the universe (click here for original source image)

Black holes are mysterious. They don’t really give off any radiation, and they seem to be pretty much invisible. What other theories exist with black holes that have been created through observance of black holes are the following:

A: Some scientists believe there are what are called “pre-black holes” out in space. These holes might be formed when a star goes super red, perishes, or something else similar to this. When the star becomes very dimmer, it starts pulling gas from its surroundings, heating it up until a black hole is formed. When you put a timeshare on a hotel somewhere, you can use this as an example because those timeshares are basically in a very high orbit around their parent star.

B: Astronomy has been the source of what other theories exist with black holes. It all depends on how you want to look at things. For instance, if you use optical telescopes, you might think there are no black holes at all, when in reality they can be extremely dim. In fact, it has been said that the greatest measurement that can be made is the diameter of the Earth.

C: Other scientists theorize about what other theories exist with black holes. One such theory is that they actually create “virtual black holes” in space. These are not actual black holes, but are simply space that exists just like it would in our own solar system. The reason this works is because of what is known as a “ethered planet.” This is where the moon stays as a planet while it goes through different stages in the solar system.

D: Some scientists believe there are what other theories exist with black holes that actually make up a new theory. If a black hole is spinning very fast, it is going to cause a very strong magnetic field. This will cause the pull of the black hole to pull on nearby matter. In fact, this is one of the ways scientists explain the formation of the moon and other outer space objects.

E: In what other theories exist with black holes, it also may depend on what is entering a black hole. In a way, it could be explained by what we have called an “escape velocity” for objects. This explains why many people can go “white knuckling” their sunglasses and not be harmed by what is entering. However, if the object is being heated to very high temperatures inside a black hole, it could vaporize and escape through a escape route. Therefore, scientists believe it’s possible to get out, but not without leaving a hole.

F: Other scientists believe there is what other theories exist with black holes that have to do with time. Although some scientists believe there is no such thing as time traveling in space or on the surface of black holes, others believe it’s possible. That’s because space is not just a void, but it has layers, and some of those layers are made of space dust. When something travels through those layers of space dust, it can slow down the passage of time. The slower the speed of the passage of time, the shorter it would take for light to leave and enter your space ship.

G: One of what other theories exist with black holes that scientists believe is the answer to why there are “hollowed-out” spaces inside of stars. It’s possible that material that hasn’t completely burned off may be sitting there. As an example, if a star is very old (like about 40 million years), that material could have stayed within the star, but because it is slowly cooling off, it is escaping into space. In doing so, it’s creating what is known as “backwater” on a planet close to a black hole. Therefore, material from the planet will be flowing into space on the outer edge of the black hole.

With all of this new information on black holes will there be a future where society may one day have access to its potential abilities?

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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