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Tesla affordable housing Boxabl option a great solution for future building

Boxabl is the latest concept in the race to build affordable housing. One of Its CEO’s, Galiano Tiramani, has founded several startups, including an ATM network and cryptocurrency exchange. The company launched in 2017 and has built a 170,000 square foot factory in Northern Las Vegas. The company claims to want to produce one home for every 60 seconds. However, is this truly the case?

Will it actually be possible to build a home in this time frame or in one or two days?

Elon Musk’s Casita

The controversial high tech executive has announced via Twitter that he had sold his luxury mansions and moved into a prefabricated home. In his video, the co-founder of Boxabl describes the agenda of the company, and sits in a 380-square-foot Casita model. (Business Insider)

While most people imagine Elon Musk’s place to be a luxurious, one-room apartment, the reality is far more modest. The company behind the Boxabl Casita has a long wait list. Approximately 47,000 people have placed deposits. The company is hoping to build as many as 100,000 of them. There have been rumors of the Casita’s affordability and the company has yet to confirm or deny this.

The company says it can build multi-story apartment buildings out of these modular units. Although they’ve only sold a single unit so far, the company hopes to build tens of millions of them in the near future. Its Casita is one of several products in a series of modular room modules. Each module can be used for one or two rooms and stacked to create a larger home. Fortunately, there is also another factory in the making as we speak.

Which will speed up production as investors continue to jump in the race for alternative housing options.

If the Casita is the future of affordable housing, this is an excellent first step. Tesla’s CEO may well live in his own tiny home settled in Las Vegas. One Casita sold by Boxabl is a $50K tiny house. If he really is living in one or something like it, then one can see the interest in buying one as well.

A Casita is an energy-efficient studio apartment in a box. It features a full kitchen with an oven, microwave, and dishwasher. An entry door separates the kitchen and bedroom. There’s a media center in the bedroom that separates it from the living room, but can also be flipped and used as a bed. A couch and coffee table fill out the living space.

In the Casita, People have plenty of room for entertaining. They can watch TV shows from the couch or bed, and the home can be extended to add another storey. It’s so compact and comfortable that Elon Musk and his partner considered living in one themselves. With no neighbors above or below the area, it’s easy to imagine living in one of these homes.

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Cost of Casita module

The company, Boxabl, creates tiny homes out of shipping containers (A dwindling cheap option) and is working to build a factory for the modules. Once the factory is up and running, the company will begin mass producing the modules, which can be stacked to create custom-designed buildings. It released its first product, the Casita, early this year, and reports huge interest. Among the many advantages of buying a Boxabl module is its affordability. (Prefab Homes)

The Casita starts at $50,000. The walls, roof, and floor are made of structurally laminated panels. It is also hurricane, fire, and flood resistant, and is 90% snow-resistant. While relatively cheap to build and maintain, and its durability makes it an excellent investment. It can be made even more affordable by installing solar panels, backup batteries, and smart tech. And the first Casita module is expected to ship within a year.

Compared to conventional homes, the Casita module is cheaper.

The company will connect you with financing partners to help you finance your new model. Because you can use a traditional 30-year mortgage to purchase one, the final payment will be $250-500 per month. Boxabl does not install or setup the homes themselves, but connects you with installers to install the components. But, they handle the process along with helping establish land, foundation and planning.

Payments are $250 a month for the smallest 50k option and even less if ordered just for the boxabl alone. (Virtual Tour)

They have also partnered up with to help secure land options for those who would need that assistance.

The Casita ADU, the company’s newest product, is a four-square-foot, steel and concrete-paneled home that costs just $49,500. It can be assembled in one day and ships directly to you. Its 20-foot-wide load can be shipped from the manufacturer to your doorstep. A Model X or pickup truck can easily haul it. It can even be hooked up to utilities.

Although the cost of a Casita module varies by model, it is designed to be highly customizable. Elon Musk appears to have purchased a basic 20×20 module. That is still worth $69,000, but the company is focusing on maximum affordability and speedy installation. In addition, the modular Casita is lightweight, can be pulled by the Model X vehicle, and can be customized to fit any lifestyle.

Insider Info

According to an article on Time, Home values have skyrocketed by 20 percent back in 2021. With rising cost varying from state to state in the US in inexplicable fashion. But, this isn’t only a US problem as more and more people have faced surges in rent prices worldwide.

With theories suggesting landlords are trying to make up for losses after the lock downs. Places like Florida are facing some of the highest spikes ever seen in its state history. Forcing tenants to protest their landlords price hikes for a more reasonable number.

This is most likely driven by migration as many people from all over the world have been setting up shop there. Forcing an increase in property value that lower income residents would find challenging to keep up with.

Another thing plaguing the current market is properties being bought left and right by a number of businesses. Leaving no room for alternatives in the US if a buyer was seeking
more affordable options.

However, Boxabl could be the answer people are looking for. So long as there are areas that allow the option to build new homes. State regulations would have to be examined before doing this. Since the tiny prefab home option had been sought out for some years now.

But banned for being unable to meet standard building codes. Which usually leads to them being mowed down and removed from the area. Fortunately, as more and more residents are forced from their homes the more these regulations may soften its stronghold.

New Jersey being one of the few places that refused this option until the last few years. Building options are also becoming more limited thanks to the imbalanced trade between nations. So, importing the goods necessary to be able to build a dream home in a proper time setting is now a challenging concept in the current climate.

With operations expected to slow down nation wide until these problems are resolved. This is why Boxabl can be one of the top choices right now and leading the way in the coming years in terms of home choices. With manufacturing being set up world wide in order to provide alternative solutions for buyers in a over priced market.

Which experts say will continue to rise in the US for the next 5 to ten years.

A daunting reality that can send a rippling effect worldwide the more real estate influence expands its reach.

Time it takes to build a Casita module

The first Boxabl Casita modules will be available to purchase later this year, with production said to have began back in 2020. The ‘Casita’ will be offered as an ‘Accessory Dwelling Unit’ (ADU) that can be financed through a conventional 30-year mortgage. When fully built, it will contain all furnishings and take up about five square feet of space. Once sold, Boxabl will provide an online configurator so that customers can easily connect different module sizes and add different exterior finishes.

Then, the Casita module will be shipped complete with appliances.

A modular Casita can be delivered to a location in as little as one week. These modular buildings are constructed of steel, concrete, EPS foam, and laminated panels and meet all applicable building codes. The shipping costs of these prefabricated structures are covered by the manufacturer, while delivery and unpacking are included in the price. Plumbing, electricity, and HVAC are all built into the modules, so they can be shipped to anywhere.

Latest Video

Boxabl recently built a model in Boca Chica, Texas. While the video was promotional in nature, it showcased the advantages of their production-line homes. They even noted that the it was built for a special client, who wanted a poster of Falcon 9 on the door of her new home. However, this video also revealed the limitations of the modular system.

This home is more efficient to ship and unfold on site, making them cheaper to construct. In fact, the Casita is the first model of a fifty thousand-dollar foldable home made by Boxabl. But, it is not the only way to use the home. If you didn’t notice special orders can be also made to a buyers standard. Whether that be in the form of a regular home or office building. The company’s headquarters are also located in Las Vegas.

And, the Casita is currently available for purchase.

These more modernized practical homes are an economical way to build affordable, sustainable homes for the future. So, if you or somebody you know are in the market to buy. Then feel free to spread the word or get in on the 40 thousand plus waiting list today!

Options to sign up

– Free waiting list option (pay later but placed at the bottom of wait list)

– Down payment list option (places you at higher priority on list)

– Full payment list option (Top priority in first orders to be shipped out)


  • Doge Coin is being considered as a currency option to help pay for boxabl homes upon buyers request
  • As of 4/30/22 the free and paid waiting list has now increased from 47 thousand to 100 thousand in a matter of months

For more info on this subject check out this video

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Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion. Affiliate links can be also found in this post as I am an affiliate of Boxabl which collect cookies as a third party site from sales.


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