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Where are people heading for the best job growth this year

migration states with best job growth in 2022
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Because of job growth the most populated states in the US are losing population, and this trend has led to Americans flocking to the least populated states. New Mexico, Maine, and Idaho have the lowest population in the United States, while Illinois has the highest. The following list of states with the highest job growth and migration rates for 2022 is based on the latest census data. Read on to find out which states are the best places to live and work in the U.S.

North Carolina

As far as job growth goes, North Carolina looks strong. According to the state’s Office of the Secretary of State, 178,000 new businesses will incorporate in the next two years – 40% more than the previous year. That means 2.9% of adults will start a new business. Historically, entrepreneurship has been motivated by lack of opportunity. But, global changes, and a concentration of wealth all contribute to a desire to create something new.

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However, the changes are uneven across the state. Twelve counties experienced unemployment rates drop by at least 0.3 percent. This includes small rural counties. Meanwhile, 17 counties experienced increases of at least 0.6%. Job shortages tend to be greater in counties located further from major metropolitan areas. The state’s unemployment rate hit a high of 14.2 percent during these times. The constant restrictions could slow the growth.

The state’s university system provides a pipeline of talent for this new economy. In addition, NC State recently announced an increase in engineering enrollment of up to 4,000 graduates annually over the next five years. The state also boasts an industry mix that is diverse and attracts a large number of migrants. IBM and SAS remain the world’s largest providers of data analytics tools. In addition, the state is home to numerous next-generation Data Economy companies, and established heavyweights have also set up shop in Raleigh.


While the country as a whole continues to struggle with the effects of the Great Recession, Florida is on the verge of a rebound, with job growth in the state outpacing the nation’s for the past 22 months. The state’s labor force has grown by 6.1% over the past year, compared to 0.9% nationally. Florida’s total private sector added 52,000 new jobs in February 2022, a rate that was better than the national over-year rate of 5.2 percent.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida is one of the states with the fastest job growth over the next eight years. While the state is home to just under 10 million residents, the average starting salary is low and people don’t like their jobs. On the other hand, North Carolina ranks high in job availability in 2022 with a net gain of 20,500 jobs. Despite this high growth, North Carolina’s average starting salary is not very high.

Among the top states for employment growth, Florida is ranked as the best place to live and work. The state’s unemployment rate is just 2.8%, two-tenths below the national rate. The state’s growth rate in the job sector is expected to grow by 37.9% by 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the same time, Jacksonville’s unemployment rate is expected to increase by 7.7 percent in the next decade.

Washington, D.C.

U.S. capital, Washington, D.C. is a compact city on the Potomac River bordering Maryland and Virginia. It is home to famous museums and performing arts venues like the Kennedy Center. Visitors can also attend cultural events.


The Dallas Fed predicts that Texas will have the best job growth in 2022, with 382,000 new jobs. That’s better than the national average of 2.9%. But there are still some concerns. For instance, Texas lost more jobs in October than in September, when the economy was at its peak. And it’s not just the oil industry that is losing jobs, as the government sector accounts for 15.5% of the state’s total employment.

The Dallas-Plano-Irving-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area saw the largest gains, with 31,300 and 8,600 jobs gained, respectively. The biggest gains came in the health care and social assistance sector, which gained more than any other industry. In fact, the Texas job increase topped the national average of 5.5 percent. Texas may also be a good place to look into if people are seeking jobs in healthcare or social assistance.

While Austin has a large workforce. Private sectors in the area are expected to grow by about 10%. Natural resources and construction are the fastest-growing industries in Austin, while education and health services, retail and trade sectors will slow down. Overall, the state ranks sixth among 50 metros, while Dallas and Houston are in the middle of the pack. Those three cities, however, still have unemployment rates that are 6.2% lower than those of the national average.


There are many different ways to make money in Arizona. People can work as a restaurant cook, a waiter, or as a bartender. Either way, taking care of customers and preparing the meals in restaurants is common. Job growth is projected at 9.78 percent and a median annual wage of $28,800.

The leisure and hospitality industry has taken a hit during the pandemic. With expectation that annual growth rates will bounce back at a 12.8 percent margin. The sector projected to add more than 69,901 jobs. Expectations are that Manufacturing will growth of up to 3.1 percent. Which will provide 10,000 more jobs. This is the fastest growth in this industry and it will pay well. The median annual wage is $27,380, which is higher than the national average.

While Nevada is still suffering from the effects of the pandemic, Arizona is in good shape for a rebound in employment. The state’s employment recovered in June 2021, when unemployment was at its lowest level since the pandemic began. Predictions are that employment growth is to be 3.1% in that state in 2022. In contrast, Nevada’s growth is only 1.3%. Arizona, which had the worst job growth in the United States in the first half of 2016, is on pace to reach its pre-pandemic employment levels by June 2022.


The city of Kanab, Utah, is a rural community that is located on the Kanab Creek near the border with Arizona. With the population of Kanab being 4,312 at the 2010 census. The city is a hub for the area, surrounded by many popular parks and monuments, including the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Zion National Park.

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