Food Prices in US Begin to Rise in 2022


Food prices rise throughout the US but will it ever settle

food prices in US begin to rise in 2022
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Food prices are expected to start rising in the US in 2022, after a major jump between January and March. While the volatility of these prices is likely to decrease as these products move from the farm to the retail sector, the price of meat and other items is expected to increase. The rise in prices is especially likely to affect meat, especially poultry, and fish, which are already at record high prices. Several factors will likely contribute to this increase.

As food banks report shortages nationwide.

Will Worldwide Food Prices Soar in 2022


Food prices rise worldwide as economies struggle

worldwide food prices begin to soar in 2022
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In 2022, restaurants and markets may find it difficult to meet consumer demand in food prices due to a variety of factors, including the disruption of the global supply chain, soaring energy prices, and other underlying issues. As a result, prices could skyrocket. Markets blame disruptions on global supply chains, weather conditions, rising energy costs, and increased demand for food. Companies fear the combination of these factors are due to the rising price of food.

With the last quarter in the US reporting 140 percent increase in profits from price hikes alone.

Wind Turbines to Boost Biodiversity in Coral Reefs


Coral Reefs to be grown on Wind Turbines to help with sea life

Wind Turbines to Boost Biodiversity in Coral Reefs
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The development of non-invasive wind turbines for the growth of coral reefs colonies is a promising way to boost biodiversity, while avoiding environmental impacts. To make this possible, Orsted biologists partnered with academic and private coral experts to develop the ReCoral project. The team has successfully grown juvenile corals on steel and concrete substrates at a test facility in the Orsted’s quayside development.

Steps Taken to Resupply Colorado Rivers


Colorado rivers set for replenishment thanks to new planning

steps taken to replenish Colorado Rivers
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There are several steps being taken to replenish the Colorado Rivers. The Bureau of Reclamation has warned that this will require transferring water from other sources. The steps being taken will be discussed in this article. In addition to the compact, other steps being taken include water transfers and marketing. Here are some of the most important ones. You should read this article carefully. It will answer any questions you might have about this issue.

Portable Desalination Device That Uses Solar Power


Portable desalination the future of clean water supply

portable desalination device that uses solar energy
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A low-cost self-sustaining portable desalination device can be used by individuals or small communities to treat salt water. Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface, with 97% of it being salt water. Yet, only 1% of this water is usable for human survival. The 21st century has been dubbed the “century of water shortage,” and a staggering 53% of the United States population lives within 50 miles of the coast. As a result, many coastal areas are severely depleted of fresh water.