Microsoft Partners With HeadSpace For Employees To Share

Microsoft Partners With Headspace (Click here for original source image)

Microsoft has long been working with Head Space, a private company that provides space on the Internet for people to create a digital home – a virtual office. It has made millions of dollars for Microsoft, because it can significantly reduce the costs associated with IT, while giving people more flexibility in how they work. If you want to create an online office from your home, you will need a high-speed Internet connection and a reliable Internet service provider (ISP).

AWDAILY Is Now A Dot Com


Despite no response from readers going over whether or not an upgrade was needed. This move was made now that Creepy Pasta With Cheese videos has its own home now. As AWDAILY seeks to provide more reading material that will now be exclusive to wordpress and FREE to read in its full form moving forward. This means no hassles from third party gatekeeper sites that create gateways between the writer and readers. In this form all material provided can be free to consume as often as possible with out any surprises.

Topics will become more precise and geared towards real everyday subjects. Videos will be removed from AWDAILY unless they pertain to the subject matter. Another bonus for readers will be the option to listen to all articles provided that will be hosted by sound cloud. So, even if you are busy at the moment there’s no need to stay glued to the screen. Just hit play and get back to your everyday activities. Podcasting will be considered at some point if it pertains to the subject matter that will be found here. As everyday stories that affect the world in real ways whether its good or bad.

Previous hosting sites that these articles were found on like medium will be shut down in favor of this independent option. As wordpress is still a strong contender for writers and readers to discover new content. For all those who choose to remain with AWDAILY despite these changes, thank you. And for any subscribers who were here for the creepy pasta videos you can now follow those videos @ Excited about our journey ahead and hope you enjoy the ride!

Future projects for AWDAILY: Perhaps a phone app for direct access if all goes well this year.

Question about AWDAILY


Hey guys, I made this post to ask a very important question about the direction of AWDAILY.

As I stand in deep thought about how suitable the format is for my readers and supporters. I would only know this by reaching out and getting feedback from those who are subscribed. As I aim to do what’s best here and not waste anyone’s time. So, here’s the deal…

Currently, I am hosting all of my articles from medium. Which is a platform that only allows a number of free reads before requiring a form of signing up for the site at $5 a month. Now, I realize even such a low number can be much for many people in this climate. So, it caused me to wonder if maybe upgrading awdaily to a dot com would be more fitting.

Because though doing this would be a bit costly on my end it would allow all articles to be free reads in full from that point on. However, it would make the site ad based with affiliate links here and there in order to sustain it. But it would completely eliminate the middle man that is medium. I only ask because if the content isn’t worth your wild then I can continue on in this format if my readers and supporters are okay with it.

It would also allow videos to be seen directly from the site posts instead of on a third party like Facebook from then on out. So, what do you say?

Please feel free to fill me in with your answer with a comment below. As I seek to do what’s best here on awdaily moving forward.

And also fill me in on if you enjoyed the video content from CreepyPasta and cheese and would like more.

Thank you and take care, hope to read from you soon!

Ghana Plants 5 Million Trees In One Day

Ghana Plants 5 Million Trees In One Day​

Ghana fights deforestation by planting 5 million trees in one day. This feat was recently highlighted on the front page of the famous newspaper, the Ghana Independent, where it was reported that the country’s chief negotiator and chief minister had visited the town of Eyasi and had planted the trees on Saturday. It was a historic day as it marks the first occasion where such a large number of trees have been planted in one day.

Environmentally speaking, this is a massive accomplishment for Ghana. It is one more step in their campaign to be at the forefront of sustainable development. This move has brought with it several different impacts. The most notable impact is on the environment. The planting took place in one of the last great wilderness areas in Ghana. Today, Eyasi play a major role in preserving the environment for future generations.

Environmentalists and the local residents are understandably thrilled with this success. Eyasi is a large forested area located in northeastern Ghana. This makes it a unique environment which meets all requirements of an indigenous habitat, yet at the same time has the advantage of providing easy access to markets and other places of business. In many respects, it is a green city because it offers clean and plentiful water which is free from discharging into rivers and streams.

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