Ghana Plants 5 Million Trees In One Day

Ghana Plants 5 Million Trees In One Day (Click here for original source image)

Ghana fights deforestation by planting 5 million trees in one day. This feat was recently highlighted on the front page of the famous newspaper, the Ghana Independent, where it was reported that the country’s chief negotiator and chief minister had visited the town of Eyasi and had planted the trees on Saturday. It was a historic day as it marks the first occasion where such a large number of trees have been planted in one day.

Environmentally speaking, this is a massive accomplishment for Ghana. It is one more step in their campaign to be at the forefront of sustainable development. This move has brought with it several different impacts. The most notable impact is on the environment. The planting took place in one of the last great wilderness areas in Ghana. Today, Eyasi play a major role in preserving the environment for future generations.

Environmentalists and the local residents are understandably thrilled with this success. Eyasi is a large forested area located in northeastern Ghana. This makes it a unique environment which meets all requirements of an indigenous habitat, yet at the same time has the advantage of providing easy access to markets and other places of business. In many respects, it is a green city because it offers clean and plentiful water which is free from discharging into rivers and streams.

Hydrogen Fueling The Economy Using Water Splitting

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Hydrogen Fueling The Economy Using Water Splitting (Click here for original source image)

Hydrogen-fueled cars are the wave of the future and will be a big factor in our future energy consumption and transport systems. However, creating a hydrogenfueled economy using efficient anode for water splitting requires some research and engineering know-how. This article presents a description of how an alternative anode for water splitting is used in this new hydrogen-fueled economy.

The most efficient anode for water splitting used in this study is based on platinum. It is referred to as a tandem anode because it consists of two metal anodes separated by a thin film of platinum. When voltage is applied to the hydrogen atom, it splits the molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. This method of electrolysis has some disadvantages.

One of these disadvantages is that hydrogen atoms do not always get split. For instance, in a process called electrolysis, the molecule of water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. Only the hydrogen is separated out of the water molecules. Oxygen and hydrogen are usually considered to be one single entity. So, using an anode for hydrogen-fueled economy using efficient anode for water splitting can actually interfere with the energy production and electrical power generation from chemical reaction at other times. So, an anode for hydrogen-fueled economy using efficient anode for water splitting needs to be very stable.

How You Can Make Money With Social Networking Sites

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Today, the leading social networking site is rumble video. Rumble video has taken the internet by storm. This is why it is one of the top rated sites in every search engine on the internet. People are flocking to this site all over the world. But not everyone knows how to make money with rumble video hosting.

So, what is rumble video Platform? How does it compare to You Tube? Why is rumble the hottest video platform on the internet today? What makes it so special? In this article, take a look at all this new Video Platform and try to discover how it can be a huge money maker for you.

To start off, it is an all-inclusive viral marketing platform that will allow you to get paid for your content creation. The best thing about it is that it lets you upload many videos and earn money from them at once. Unlike other viral marketing platforms, it allows you to monetize each video individually. This is how you can create your own income stream. If you want to fully grasp how to make money with rumble, you need to look beyond the advertising revenue.

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