How Mirrors Could Power the World

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solar mirror
solar mirror (Click here for original source image)

Mirrors have been used for centuries across cultures. Mirrors reflect light and allow us to see our better selves, and they are also the reason we can see everyday objects like cars and planes with our own eyes. This is why mirrors have been used to build solar panels. Mirrors are one of the best materials to use as a medium for capturing energy from the sun. Here is a brief description of how mirrors could power the world using mirrors and solar cells.

We know that the sun emits electromagnetic radiation that can be captured by mirrors. In fact, mirrors are important to the operation of most modern-day radiology machines. These machines use fluorescent light to see into people’s bones and thus diagnose them. However, these lights could create harmful radiation that destroys delicate tissue. Photovoltaic cells on mirrors therefore convert the light into energy useful to these machines. When electricity is passed between these cells, the energy is transformed into direct current that can be used to power things like fridges and washers.

Levitation Using Sound

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When a light source is struck by an object, it emits a unique frequency that can be picked up by many microscopic particles. If we use sound as an analogy, this means that the particles that are struck by the light have their own unique frequency. These frequencies can then be picked up by the levitating particles. The problem is that when we try to use this method to levitate something, we do not have any control over how far the object will move.

Instead of the weight pressing down on an object, we need to have some kind of control over the amount of force used. This is why some folks have gotten hurt while levitating. Basically, what happens is that the force used to lift an object causes the molecules to vibrate. Vibration is not like sound.

There are a lot of theories out there about how this works, but it is simply a matter of probabilities. To get an object to vibrate, it must meet some kind of criteria. One of these criteria is that it must have a boundary. The only way to determine whether or not a given area has a boundary is to set it free in some sort of apparatus. Then, as the sound waves strike the body, it will vibrate. The amount of vibration will depend on what the object is made of.

How Can Desalination Solve the Global Water Crisis?

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water filter
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Can Desalination solve the global water crisis? That is a question raised by many in the scientific communities. They are concerned that increasing population and growing economies will continue to overwhelm natural freshwater resources. Adding more to already overflowing supplies of saltwater is only going to increase pressure on already over-stressed pipes. The need for a permanent solution is urgent.

There is some optimism that a fundamental change in the way that water is distributed around the world may be possible. Water managers at the highest levels of most countries have accepted the fact that the time for change has come. The higher ups have debated the possibility of introducing a new infrastructure for water transportation and management, with limited success. The increased use of canister-type distillers may be able to help, but there is still a long way to go.

How a Parasitic Fungus Turns Ants Into Zombies

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zombie ants mushroom fungus
zombie ants fungus (Click here for original source image)

How a parasitic fungus turns ants into zombies can be explained by looking at the reproductive behavior of this particular fungus. The name for the fungus in nature is Microsporum and it normally occurs on plants as either a fungus or mold. As an organism, the fungus is a single-celled organism and it cannot reproduce by division. It must reproduce by means of division and that is what happens when it infects its host cells. The disease causing Microsporum fungus takes over the living tissue present in the case of the infected animal or human.

There are many species of fungi that cause infection and they usually occur naturally on plants. If you have ever noticed spots of mold growing around your house or on your garage floor, you probably are dealing with one of these natural species. Most of the time you will not even know that you have been infected with any kind of fungal infection until you notice that the ants are dying. When you look closer, you will see that the fungal infection has made the infected areas really ugly and they look like they are ready to collapse.