7 Super volcanoes in the World


7 Super volcanoes in the World? A little research shows that there are actually many such volcanoes on our planet.

mount fuji
mount fuji (click here for original source image)

With a little investigation, you would find that most of them lie within our own Planet. This is one of the latest news on earth science today. One scientist has calculated that there are about as many super volcanoes in the world as there are grains of sand on the surface of the earth.

This brings up an interesting question. Why do they not have a “Yellowstone Park” as there is one over in Montana? Because no one has found a volcano yet and it is a field of earth science. But there is a new study that suggests there could be one around the fault line of our planet.

It is not a volcano, because it is not active. It would be considered a “sprinting volcano” if it was active. If it was active it would erupt like a real volcano and create waves and lava. This latest research by some scientists would make that possible. If it were to create enough magma it could be much bigger than Yellowstone Park. It just depends what the composition of that volcano is.