Is the Komodo Dragon in Danger of Extinction?

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The recent announcement that the Komodo Dragon has officially now going extinct is rather remarkable.

komodo dragon and crow
komodo dragon and crow (click here for original source image)

This rare form of life is an amazing symbol of the Endangered Species challenges that plagues this planet. However, it has unfortunately come to the point where it is threatening to become Extinct – a point that has been discussed widely in recent days. There are many theories as to why this occurs, but it seems that it can be pinned down to two main factors. These are loss of habitat and increase in hunting pressure.

One particular problem is that this has led to fewer animals entering the protected areas and into the wild. This problem was first noticed around Komodo in the 1980s. It’s thought that the decline in prey may have been the tipping point, with too few fish in the wild to sustain the animal.

It is possible that they face a slow decline in numbers, similar to the decline that occurred in several other reptile species over the years.