What Causes Acid Rain?


Acid rain is the latest in a long line of environmental issues that seem to be getting worse with each passing year.

flying through acid rain
flying through acid rain (click here for original source image)

According to some environmentalist scientists, acid rain is contributing to many environmental problems worldwide. Instead of restoring plant life to forests, acid rain eats away at sensitive trees and wildlife. In the areas where it has been found, the affected trees are dying at rates much faster than normal. Meanwhile, fish stocks are being threatened as well.

This is not the first time acid deposition has caused drastic changes in the environment. Long before man arrived on the scene, there were already some signs of acidification. The buildup of carbon dioxide and methane by living organisms in the environment has created a greenhouse effect that keeps Earth warm. As carbon dioxide and methane escape into the atmosphere, they react with water and air to form acids. These harmful gases have already had an impact on the atmosphere, but now additional effects from acid deposition could wreak even greater havoc.