Physical Processes Of Melting Polar Ice Is Physically Melting

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Melting Polar Ice is literally warping the planet.

global warming in cold areas
global warming in cold areas (click here for original source IMG)

Melting Ice occurs every time there is a large concentration of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. Warmer temperatures and long periods of sunlight can cause melt. Melting of Ice occurs in the months just before or after a big snowfall. While melting is a natural process, the buildup of ice can aggravate global warming.

One of the biggest contributors to global warming is the retreat of the ice sheets. Without the ice sheets to reflect the sun’s rays, the planet’s temperatures would increase naturally. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is currently advancing at an accelerating rate. In fact, this rapid advance is accelerating so rapidly that it could speed up the rate of global warming considerably. A recent study by a team of Harvard scientists found a direct connection between the retreat of the ice sheets and global warming.

It was a research paper which came to the conclusion that whilst the West Antarctica Ice Sheet is melting at a rapid pace, it is also releasing larger amounts of carbon dioxide and methane as it melts.