Artificial Intelligence Mind

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Artificial intelligence is an increasingly hot topic these days

Artificial Intelligence Mind
AI thought process (click here for original source image)

We know that artificial intelligence computers will soon be in our lives, or very soon, but for all we know they could already be here. One of the biggest questions is how will artificial intelligence to change the way we think?In this article, the goal is to shed some light on one of the most important areas: the way the human brain processes language.

When you think about it, the language itself is an artificial intelligence.

Even though you and I may not be able to articulate the thoughts in our head, the thoughts are there, and the ability to communicate is a skill we all have. So, it stands to reason that if you give someone an artificial intelligence like a RACI (rousing area interface data network) embedded in a voice recognition software program that captures a person’s voice, and then it can tell you what they’re saying.

Of course the quality of the voice might vary, but the point is this; that artificial intelligence can be used to enhance the quality of human language.

However, the quality of the message is still up to you.