Humanity Fearing Artificial Intelligence

fearing artificial intelligence
fearing artificial intelligence (pixabay)
Humanity fearing artificial intelligence or better known as AI is the future of humanity and perhaps the human race as well. It has been said that if we do not invent artificial intelligence it could spell the end of the human race as we know it today. This could be true because there have been many cases where businesses of all types have created artificially intelligent software which is used by humans in decision making. There have also been cases where a business has created an artificially intelligent computer to carry out specific types of analysis and programming for that company.

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Is it possible to trace where all the hype behind Artificial Intelligence technology taking over the world first began?

Maybe not but, one thing is clear as day.

The world cannot get over fearing the topic of an end of the world scenario. We see it in many forms as if it’s coincides with our own mortality. Perhaps, it’s even why the subject seems to circle around so much to begin with. As if society’s certain it will happen in their lifetime or the next. But who’s to say the generation before us didn’t think the same thing. In fact, they’d be more justified to feel that way considering the events that’d taken place at Hiroshima in august of 1945. Over 75 years ago, which is a lifetime for us but mere decades for the people of that generation.

Neuron Fusion of Humans and Machines

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neuralink is the future
neuralink is the future (pixabay)

A Speculation Article: Neuron Fusion of Humans and Machines

Introduction: Neuralink is a company based in San Diego, California that has created a technology called Synapse Design. This is the technology that allows two human brains to link together in real time to form one artificial intelligence system. If you are unfamiliar with Synapse Design, it is a technology that was developed by neuroscientists that uses the concept of synaptic plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to change and connect with other neurons. With this new technology the ability to connect two human brains will allow them to create a computer network that will be able to process information and provide relevant answers to questions in real time. (Increment Details)

Building the Future Workforce With Automation and Technology

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Building the Future Workforce With Automation and Technology
Building the Future Workforce With Automation and Technology (Click here for original source image)

The past few years has changed the way companies view and approach to workforce management, but one thing still holds true: Companies that wish to attract and keep the best talent they have to go forward need to know the priorities of the future workforce first. They also need to know the priorities of the company before they spend money on any aspect of workforce management. One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is how to manage an aging population, improve productivity in an increasingly automated and complex environment, and remain competitive. In order to achieve all of these goals, it is important to implement technologies that will not only improve productivity and save money, but will also provide solutions for the changing workforce needs.

One solution that many companies have already adopted, but that still represents a relatively new type of technology for them, is automation. Increasing the speed and efficiency with which employees can perform tasks has always been difficult, but advancements in technology and software have made this much easier. In the past several years, advancements in artificial intelligence and computer software have made it possible to perform a variety of tasks that were previously only possible to the most technologically advanced businesses with the greatest access to the tools and resources.

Artificial Intelligence Job Debate

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Artificial Intelligence Job Debate
Artificial Intelligence Job Debate

Check out this comedy skit discussing the possibility of where future prospects could go when A.I. makes its way into the job market!

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