A Methodical Approach to Identifying Life Beyond Earth


The Astrologists of yesteryear used the term “asma” to describe the charged atmosphere of space as observed from distant planets.

alien robot and dog
alien robot and dog (click here for original source image)

They called this phenomenon “space weather”. This terminology now encompasses all known sciences and Astrology has been relegated to the back shelf. Authors Ray Jardine and Anthony Cauci recently published a book entitled “A Methodical Approach to Identifying Life Beyond Earth”.

They explain that Astrology is no longer relegated to the “dust heap” because modern day scientists have identified dark clouds beyond the earth’s atmosphere. They further explain that there are likely to be living organisms existing on Mars at present. They further suggest that there may well be microbes or even bacteria within these clouds and they further suggest that the presence of these life forms could be detectable with instruments on the NASA’s cold gas and space probe Curiosity.

NASA Private Space Stations


NASA is working hard to design and build the largest and most sophisticated space stations ever.

space walking
space walking (click here for original source image)

The space station will be utilized for many different experiments. When completed it will be used for manned space flight. There are a number of teams currently working on this project. Some of them are working to develop the technology, while others are trying to figure out how best to use it.

One of the latest technologies being employed is known as Starshot. It works by using a small dish that can be moved around to find the closest star or planet in our solar system. Once it has ascertained that it has found what it was looking for, it makes a small “bubble” and releases a small satellite. The satellite is then picked up by another robotic space probe. This is the same technology that was used to discover the asteroid inclination on the outer atmosphere of our earth.

Starshot technology is not new however. It has been around for years. The challenge to design the right model was to make it operate at a size that would fit into an amateur’s craft. This would also allow for more than one of these craft to operate at any given time. The biggest challenge was making it operate at a stable speed so that experiments could continue to test the theories of astronomy in the same manner that they had always done.

How Did Asteroids Steals Oxygen From the Ancient Atmosphere of Earth?

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Can Astronomy tell us about the Earths ancient atmosphere?

asteroid shower
asteroid shower (click here for original source image)

The question is if the ancient Astronomy records show any evidence of oxygen being stolen by meteorites. Can we find some evidence that the solar system had an oxygen rich atmosphere and that life could exist on the surface of the planet?

If so, is there a record of this in our planet’s history?

In fact there are many recorded cases and some observational clues to indicate that oxygen was stolen from the early Earths atmosphere by space rocks.

Oxygen is needed to breathe. It is necessary for life to survive. But it is also vital to the life of all the earths non-astronomical satellites in space. Hence there is some reason to suspect whether space rocks may have stolen oxygen from the early Earths atmosphere. Some astronomers are particularly worried about the discovery of Carbonaceous Chondrites (also known as asteroid bearing rocks) that contains much more than oxygen.

NASA Reveals the Future of Space Travel


NASA has released a series of videos which explain the latest developments which they have been carrying out in regards to the prospects for traveling to Mars and beyond.

space ship flying
space ship flying (click here for original source image)

The videos show many different applications which are being worked on by NASA in order to ensure that human beings will never be sent into space under their own power; rather they will be using remote controlled capsules and spaceships. In this way, humans will not be leaving Earth and going into outer space as any sort of a luxury. It will be a reality instead – an eventuality which has been discussed since the inception of space travel.

There have been several previous missions that NASA has completed with great success. The first of these was the Viking mission in the 1970’s; this saw the landing of one of the first spacecrafts on Mars. This mission also paved the way for the development of one of the most important systems used today; the International Space Station (ISS). One of the biggest advantages of using the ISS is its ability to take control of the atmosphere of space and remain there for an entire year.

The system allows for the study of space weather, and is the largest structure ever built by NASA.

The Relationship Between the Solar System and Large Magnetic Tunnels


It appears that the only way to get a true view of the solar system and the universe is using large telescopes.

earths magnetic field
earths magnetic field (click here for original source image)

However, we also now have the technology of viewing it with the use of a satellite in space, known as the SOHO (Small Earth Orbiter Hi-tech) instrument. Here are some interesting facts about this latest technology.

The formation of the solar system was a long time ago when a massive object crashed into the center of our galaxy resulting in the creation of the largest object in the solar system – the very first planet. The object that created the solar system was much like comets but much smaller. It also had a very thick atmosphere and was very dusty as well. The other objects within our solar system are smaller, rocky, and irregular.

The formation of the solar system was also caused by a large magnetic field, which emanated from the very core of the planet. As the solar system expanded, the large magnetic field began to pull upon the other smaller bodies in the solar system causing them to wobble. This eventually became the first “osphere” or “heliosphere” around the planet. The large magnetic field was also responsible for causing other strange effects such as the formation of water vapor clouds, comets, and ice clouds in our own solar system.