Question about AWDAILY


Hey guys, I made this post to ask a very important question about the direction of AWDAILY.

As I stand in deep thought about how suitable the format is for my readers and supporters. I would only know this by reaching out and getting feedback from those who are subscribed. As I aim to do what’s best here and not waste anyone’s time. So, here’s the deal…

Currently, I am hosting all of my articles from medium. Which is a platform that only allows a number of free reads before requiring a form of signing up for the site at $5 a month. Now, I realize even such a low number can be much for many people in this climate. So, it caused me to wonder if maybe upgrading awdaily to a dot com would be more fitting.

Because though doing this would be a bit costly on my end it would allow all articles to be free reads in full from that point on. However, it would make the site ad based with affiliate links here and there in order to sustain it. But it would completely eliminate the middle man that is medium. I only ask because if the content isn’t worth your wild then I can continue on in this format if my readers and supporters are okay with it.

It would also allow videos to be seen directly from the site posts instead of on a third party like Facebook from then on out. So, what do you say?

Please feel free to fill me in with your answer with a comment below. As I seek to do what’s best here on awdaily moving forward.

And also fill me in on if you enjoyed the video content from CreepyPasta and cheese and would like more.

Thank you and take care, hope to read from you soon!

Hydrogen Fueling The Economy Using Water Splitting

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Hydrogen Fueling The Economy Using Water Splitting

Hydrogen-fueled cars are the wave of the future and will be a big factor in our future energy consumption and transport systems. However, creating a hydrogenfueled economy using efficient anode for water splitting requires some research and engineering know-how. This article presents a description of how an alternative anode for water splitting is used in this new hydrogen-fueled economy.

The most efficient anode for water splitting used in this study is based on platinum. It is referred to as a tandem anode because it consists of two metal anodes separated by a thin film of platinum. When voltage is applied to the hydrogen atom, it splits the molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. This method of electrolysis has some disadvantages.

One of these disadvantages is that hydrogen atoms do not always get split. For instance, in a process called electrolysis, the molecule of water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. Only the hydrogen is separated out of the water molecules. Oxygen and hydrogen are usually considered to be one single entity…

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What Causes The Northern Lights

What causes the northern lights

Have you ever wondered what causes the Auroras in the Northern Hemisphere? Auroras are heavenly flashes of light, that can be seen with the naked eye. Scientists have been studying the auroras for many years. In fact, it is so interesting that scientists have even studied the DNA of dolphins. They have found that these animals can also display aurora.

There has long been a theory by scientists that the Auroras are caused by electrons moving around in the atmosphere. For years, they have been trying to prove if electrons are responsible for creating the light we see. It is believed by scientists that when an electron strikes the phosphor, it excites the atom and creates a light emission.

This theory was first proven in 1950, by James Clerk Maxwell, with the help of his new radio technology. Later, other scientists were able to confirm this concept. In fact, the strength of the electromagnetic waves emitted by atoms can be measured very easily.

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5th Ocean Added To World Geography

5th ocean added to world geography

The 5th Ocean Atlas is the official publication of the United States Department of State. The tome includes a history of the development of State Department Geographic Information System, which is in turn the basis for a number of other State Department publications. The publication is comprehensive and covers all aspects of United States Geography. It contains maps of all national boundaries and islands as well as all coastal areas and bodies of water in the US. The volume consists of one volume covering the whole country, another volume concentrating on the States and another volume covering the District of Columbia. Maps of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are also included.

In general, a coastline is a defined border between two countries. This definition has been expanded since the introduction of the 5th Ocean Atlas since cartographers no longer regard the coastline as bounded by internal or external lines. The Fifth Ocean Atlas treats a coastline as a continuous strip along which international relations can be well understood. A boundary will only be indicated if it can be shown from an aerial perspective. This is especially true with oceanic boundaries.

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