How the Brain Might Link To The Quantum Realm

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Physicists explain how the mind might link with the quantum realm

After performing an experiment in a lab to see if it is possible to measure what goes on in the minds of other people while they are awake, as it is done for the EEG reading. What they found is that while a person is awake their minds are in a state of near-natural waking paralysis, where they are not fully aware of what is going on around them.

In this condition, their brains continue to respond to stimuli, even though their eyes are closed. The challenge for the scientists was to find out whether or not the brain is able to control itself while the eyes are closed. Apparently they succeeded in this task and in doing so laid a ground breaking experiment. Showing that when the brain is asleep, it can actually control the activity of nerve cells in a certain area of the visual cortex. The result?