The Science Behind Bringing the Woolly Mammoth Back From Extinction

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Why are the scientists trying to bring back the woolly mammoth from Extinction? The answer lies in one word, and that word is; “Curiosity”.

woolly mammoth bone display
woolly mammoth bone display (click here for original source image)

In other words, scientists and archeologists want to find out just how many different species of the mammoth population actually lived on the land that they now call Earth. The most pressing question that arises from all this is, “Why hasn’t anyone else tried to figure out the Woolly Mammoth DNA?”

As mentioned earlier, this is truly one of the great animal stories of all time, and the story of the woolly mammoth is a perfect example of this. For quite some time, man has wondered about the origins of this particular animal. Because it is big and looks more like a mammoth deer than a creature that would be classified as a mammoth, humanity has never really taken a real close look at the animal itself.

With technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it is amazing that even with the Internet, we still only know very little about this incredible animal. There are some theories as to what it looked like, but as of now, all we have is the fossils of the Woolly Mammoth and their teeth. Yes, there are a few theories as to its appearance, but as for its actual characteristics, very little is known. The only thing that is known is that it was a very large animal and probably used to prey on other prehistoric animals. As for the theories as to what caused the extinctions event, scientists still aren’t even sure if there was a giant asteroid or comet that hit the planet.