How Food Waste is a Huge Contributor to Climate Change

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How food waste is a huge contributor to climate change is an issue which has been highlighted by numerous recent scientific studies.

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One of the contributing factors to global warming is the excess heat that is absorbed by the land and stored in the ocean. The study demonstrated that the amount of carbon dioxide released from the average person’s body could even rival the amount that is stored in the earth’s ocean. This demonstrates the seriousness with which we need to look at the issue of climate change.

The latest study into how food waste affects our health was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Research found that people who ate large amounts of fast food can have ten times more carbon dioxide in their bodies than people who ate green leafy vegetables. Emphasizing the importance of eating a balanced diet and eating foods that are both good and have high nutritional value. As if eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise could help reduce one’s carbon footprint.

The key messages were clear: To monitor consumption of red meat, processed foods, margarine, and other fatty foods in order to better assist our environment.