A Mystery at the Core of the Milky Way Galaxy


A mysterious out-of-this-world barrier is spotted in the very center of our galaxy.

galaxy milky way
galaxy milky way (click here for original source image)

In a new research termed ”, the scientists involved in this discovery explained that the invisible out-of-this-world feature is most probably found at the inner part of the Milky Way. They also explained that this feature has the ability to challenge conventional theories and models of gravity as well. This discovery might help us to find another planet out in the outer space. If confirmed, it can be used as an Astronomer’s yard of sorts to search for signs of other worlds.

Astronomy and Astrophysics are the only science that has yet to unlock the mysteries of a mysterious barrier that has been found at the core of the galaxy. The latest discovery suggests that there is a large barrier that exists at the Milky Way’s core. Although astronomers have spotted infrared radiation from this phenomenon, they do not know what it is made of. Until the infrared technology is perfected, this mystery will remain a mystery.

Studying the Milky Way through telescopes is a difficult task, as it is very cloudy and very small in size, making it practically inaccessible for most amateur astronomers. However, with the use of high-tech equipment such as NASA’s Chandra telescope, astronomers are able to detect subtle hints of activity within the Milky Way. One of these hints is a 10 micrometer wide spiral arm of cold gas that seems to go on for thousands of light years.

This discovery by a team of German researchers was announced in June of 2021 and is one of many that have been made by the European Southern Observatory. Over thirty years ago, another research team discovered a similar spiral structure that existed to exist almost as far away as the current-day galaxy. They called this ‘the first spiral arm.’