Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence To Detect Gravitation Wave Computing Research

earths gravity
earths gravity (Click here for original source image)

One of the biggest mysteries in the field of Astrophysics is Gravity.

Scientists use artificial intelligence to detect gravitational wave sources. These gravitational wave sources are cosmic rays, antimagnetic radiation, and cosmic dust. The last one is a mystery because it cannot be seen by the human eye. However, these are becoming better known by the day and scientists are trying hard to identify gravitational waves and their source.

A lot has been learnt in the past about gravity. But the big question that still baffles us is what cause these gravitational waves? There are several theories that explain the problem. But it is not possible for us to solve this problem with the present technology. In spite of all these years of research, the experts have not been able to find out the main cause of gravitational waves.