NASA confirms Massive Solar Flare Hit Earth


NASA has just announced that a massive solar flare hit the Earth on Wednesday, March 21st.

bright solar flare
bright solar flare (click here for original source image)

This is one of the biggest flares to hit our planet in many years. A huge solar flare can knock out satellites and other space objects in space. The flare itself was not strong enough to hit the United States but large pieces of solar material burned up and impacted the atmosphere around the Earth.

The only reason this big solar flare was confirmed is because NASA has been tracking it with a tracking instrument called Magnetospheric Imagers, or MIM. This is one of the most powerful space weather instruments ever used. It took a photograph of the large solar flare and compared it to images taken a few days before the storm. With this incredible confirmation, we can better understand what caused this massive solar event.

What is meant by the huge solar event? Well, the amount of radiation given off from a massive eruption on the volcano like eruption is huge. The amount is comparable to that which is given off by many large exploding stars in our galaxy. It is estimated that the amount of radiation emitted was 10 times more than what is given off from the sun.