Did Humans Once Have Tails?

biology, science

One of the most intriguing questions about our evolution is, “Did humans once have tails?”

dragon ball human tail
dragon ball human tail (click here for original source image)

This is a question that scientists spend a great deal of time attempting to answer. There are many theories that explain the evolution of human tails. Some of the most common theories explain the loss of a tail in human evolution through gene loss. Theories also suggest that tails are lost due to social pressure.

Does the Human Race Need Its Tail? Consider if you will the condition of some of the less than stellar Human Beings on the planet. Is a man with a flabby tail a sign of intelligence? Would a tail have helped humans live more easily in the cold climate without the benefit of thick fur and warmth? Perhaps it would have provided them with a better way to protect themselves in colder environments.