Dragonflies Spread North in Warm World

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If you want to know why Dragonflies spread north in warm world, read on.

dragonfly (click here for original source image)

The Butterfly is a beautiful and the most amazing of all insects. The fact that they are so beautiful makes them vulnerable to threats from warm-blooded predators. One such predator is the Black Rat, which is found in central Asia and North America. But this is not the only predator of the Butterfly. There are many others including humans, who are not so friendly to this lovely insect.

The warm and moist atmosphere is favorable for the growth of dragonfly larvae in the summer. And at this time they tend to migrate towards the warmer regions of the north. They adapt easily to this change in environment and many dragonflies start to emerge as adults. This whole process can be very complicated since there are some factors which help or hinder the life cycle of a dragonfly. A warm and moist environment is not the only factor but there are also others.