Physical Processes Of Melting Polar Ice Is Physically Melting

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Melting Polar Ice is literally warping the planet.

global warming in cold areas
global warming in cold areas (click here for original source IMG)

Melting Ice occurs every time there is a large concentration of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. Warmer temperatures and long periods of sunlight can cause melt. Melting of Ice occurs in the months just before or after a big snowfall. While melting is a natural process, the buildup of ice can aggravate global warming.

One of the biggest contributors to global warming is the retreat of the ice sheets. Without the ice sheets to reflect the sun’s rays, the planet’s temperatures would increase naturally. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is currently advancing at an accelerating rate. In fact, this rapid advance is accelerating so rapidly that it could speed up the rate of global warming considerably. A recent study by a team of Harvard scientists found a direct connection between the retreat of the ice sheets and global warming.

It was a research paper which came to the conclusion that whilst the West Antarctica Ice Sheet is melting at a rapid pace, it is also releasing larger amounts of carbon dioxide and methane as it melts.

How Many Fault lines Are There Around the World?


For years we have been asking; How many fault lines exist on Earth?

fault lines in the world
fault lines in the world (click here for original source image)

Scientists who study the Earth’s geological history have repeatedly produced charts and maps purporting to show where fault lines are or were. For most of us it’s easy to see why they would produce such intricate and detailed pictures if there were fault lines in the Earth’s crust. We recognize that if there are any fault lines, then rivers and streams must flow through them, since they form underwater mountains. It’s easy to understand.

But a new theory by a team of California-based scientists raises a question about the validity of this long-standing map of fault lines. The latest theory is that not all fault lines are created equal. While most fault lines are horizontal, some are slanted, and some are vertically. A third type of faulting may even exist “up and down,” meaning that the faults could be clearly be located in different places. Even above and below the surface of the Earth.

This raises the question: just where are the fault lines?

The Dangers of Manipulating ecosystems

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The dangers of manipulating ecosystems are well known.

changing landscape
changing landscape (click here for original source image)

The Earth Science department at Universities in Britain has compiled an extensive list detailing the ways in which human beings have destroyed the natural order of the planet. Global warming, acid rain, and depletion of the ozone layer are only some of the examples. It goes without saying that if we continue down this path, there will be no land left for wildlife. The list is long, but it has to be kept in mind that there are so many more pollutants in the environment.

The latest danger of manipulation of ecosystems is found in fisheries. The main reason why so many people have stopped fishing is that fish farming is at risk of becoming obsolete. It is true that fishing did help reduce the pressure on fish stocks, but a return to fishing alone would not help the fish populations. The number of individual fish and their respective breeding numbers have crashed due to over fishing. So what does this mean?

How Is the Earths Cryosphere Shrinking by 87000 Square Kilometers Per Year?

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earths cryosphere
earths cryosphere (Click here for original source image)

How is the Earths Cryosphere Shrinking? There are many theories as to how this happens but most scientists agree that global warming is a factor. One theory suggests that this phenomenon is caused by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Other scientists think it is caused by a rapid decline in the thickness of the ice.

Global Dimming of the Earths Cryosphere Since 1970 The theory that global dimming of the Earths cryosphere is caused by global warming is based on the observation that there has been a steady rise in Earths temperatures over this period of time. Over the past couple of decades, global average temperatures have increased by about two degrees Celsius. This increase in temperatures has caused the Earths surface to warm up. When the surface temperature of the Earths surfaces warm, the water condenses and eventually takes the form of clouds. As a result, the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere increases.

Ocean Decline and Melting of the Earths Ice Another theory on the decline of the Earths ice holds that this phenomenon is caused by global warming. Global warming causes the surface of the Earths ice to melt. As more ice melts, it adds weight to the upper ocean which causes the rate of sea ice to decline. When this process occurs, the rate of melting of the Arctic Ocean also increases. As a result, methane bubbles begin to build up in the Arctic Ocean. As more methane bubbles build up, this will result in an increased amount of heat being removed from the Earths atmosphere.