Hydrogen Fueling The Economy Using Water Splitting

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Hydrogen Fueling The Economy Using Water Splitting (Click here for original source image)

Hydrogen-fueled cars are the wave of the future and will be a big factor in our future energy consumption and transport systems. However, creating a hydrogenfueled economy using efficient anode for water splitting requires some research and engineering know-how. This article presents a description of how an alternative anode for water splitting is used in this new hydrogen-fueled economy.

The most efficient anode for water splitting used in this study is based on platinum. It is referred to as a tandem anode because it consists of two metal anodes separated by a thin film of platinum. When voltage is applied to the hydrogen atom, it splits the molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. This method of electrolysis has some disadvantages.

One of these disadvantages is that hydrogen atoms do not always get split. For instance, in a process called electrolysis, the molecule of water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. Only the hydrogen is separated out of the water molecules. Oxygen and hydrogen are usually considered to be one single entity. So, using an anode for hydrogen-fueled economy using efficient anode for water splitting can actually interfere with the energy production and electrical power generation from chemical reaction at other times. So, an anode for hydrogen-fueled economy using efficient anode for water splitting needs to be very stable.

How the Economy Is Opening Up Again

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How the Economy Is Opening Up Again (Click here for original source image)

The economy is starting to open up. Jobs are starting to return. Commuting times are getting shorter. In fact, if you haven’t checked in yet, I’d be surprised if you even made it out of the last two months. It’s a great feeling having that feeling that everything will turn out okay, even if it’s only in the short term.

But as we start to see the economy opening up, it is important to remember what it isn’t. It isn’t going to be like when people were graduating from high school and had a bright future ahead of them. It won’t be a period where people start to have money waiting for them just because they have a certain skill set or education.

It isn’t a period where businesses are going to start booming and hiring employees at the drop of a hat. That’s not what’s happening. And it certainly isn’t going to be a period where your average citizen is going to have enough money to put food on the table and gas in the car. Right now the economy isn’t ready for that type of inflation.

Working From Home — Reaping the Rewards

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Working From Home (Click here for original source image)

Even after the current economic pandemic is no longer compelling enough to force people to work outside the home, people will still continue to do this. This is because working from home previously has worked remarkably well for both employees and employers. Prior to the economic downturn that began in 2021, people were consistently productive and companies saw a bright future in where they were no longer tethered to costly office space. This was a great opportunity to exploit the profit potential in working from home.

This good old fashioned idea of working from home provided companies with employees that were freelancers rather than employees working for a brick and mortar business. Freelance employees were ideal because they didn’t have to answer to an employer, therefore maximizing the company’s profit potential. For companies that utilize outsourcing as their mode of business expansion, this presents yet another advantage. Outsourcing allows a company the ability to control costs associated with hiring employees. The cost savings can then be passed on to the customers.