The Mystery of Epigenetics

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mystery of epigenetics (Click here for original source image)

Mystery of Epigenetics there’s more to genes than just DNA. For a long time since the beginning of recorded human history there has been an enigma about genes and their function that perplex scientists to this day. How can one person have one set of cells while another is completely different? The answer is the molecular basis for how each of these sets of cells work, and here it is explained in simple language.

All living cells employ a genetic mechanism that controls the development and fate of individual cells. Each set of cells has their own controller, or promoter, and certain cells are genetically programmed to behave a certain way. If you want to know how something works, you have to understand the genetic control mechanism, and methyl DNA (mRNA) is the cytoskeleton in each cell. When this chemical mark is turned on (methyl) by the proper regulatory gene expression signal, a specific cell will grow and reproduce.

However, it is not enough that the promoters are turned on. You also need to regulate the transcription factors that control the actual production of genes. In fact, there are billions of transcription factors between them all that determine just how much of the billions of genes get produced. This is what makes the production of new cells so incredibly precise. It is this control that researchers have been seeking the most efficient explanation for how the body functions.