Evidence Resurrected by Science – 5 Ancient Organisms Resurrected by Science

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ancient bacteria
ancient bacteria (Click here for original source image)

There have been recent efforts by various teams of researchers to find out how many of the thousands of prehistoric and ancient organisms are still alive today.

The subject of their research varies greatly, from analyzing tooth enamel from fossil teeth, to analyzing proteins from specimens as old as 40 million years old. While a lot of progress has been made lately with respect to how we look for, and find, fossils, and with the ability of computers to store and retrieve vast amounts of information, there is still a long way to go when it comes to discovering the actual survival rate of these organisms.

One of the teams that has been researching this question, and attempting to use modern technology, is the Museum of paleontology at London’s Natural History Museum. Their recent press release states: “We’ve discovered an astonishing array of fossils in two types of rocks. The fossils were previously thought to be beyond recognition. They reveal a previously unknown planet in our Solar System which has oceans, rivers and seas – as well as dinosaurs.”

New Found! Giant Rhino Bones Found in China

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giant rhino found in china,
giant rhino found in china (Click here for original source image)

It has been recently discovered that a group of fossilized bones was in fact found in China. The discovery was made by paleontologists who were excavating in an area of the Great Wall of China. These prehistoric bones belonged to a group that was previously thought to be different species of animal. They are now known as Pliobacteriumracum. This is an interesting group of fossils that provides insight into prehistoric times.

During prehistoric time, this area was lush and very humid. The climate was very hot and the dinosaurs really enjoyed living in this type of environment. One of the largest dinosaurs ever to live was a theropod that living in the same ecosystem as these prehistoric creatures. Theropods were also very well-known for their great size.