How Is the Earths Cryosphere Shrinking by 87000 Square Kilometers Per Year?

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earths cryosphere
earths cryosphere (Click here for original source image)

How is the Earths Cryosphere Shrinking? There are many theories as to how this happens but most scientists agree that global warming is a factor. One theory suggests that this phenomenon is caused by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Other scientists think it is caused by a rapid decline in the thickness of the ice.

Global Dimming of the Earths Cryosphere Since 1970 The theory that global dimming of the Earths cryosphere is caused by global warming is based on the observation that there has been a steady rise in Earths temperatures over this period of time. Over the past couple of decades, global average temperatures have increased by about two degrees Celsius. This increase in temperatures has caused the Earths surface to warm up. When the surface temperature of the Earths surfaces warm, the water condenses and eventually takes the form of clouds. As a result, the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere increases.

Ocean Decline and Melting of the Earths Ice Another theory on the decline of the Earths ice holds that this phenomenon is caused by global warming. Global warming causes the surface of the Earths ice to melt. As more ice melts, it adds weight to the upper ocean which causes the rate of sea ice to decline. When this process occurs, the rate of melting of the Arctic Ocean also increases. As a result, methane bubbles begin to build up in the Arctic Ocean. As more methane bubbles build up, this will result in an increased amount of heat being removed from the Earths atmosphere.