Could the Moon Crash Toward Earth?


The question “Can the moon crash into the earth?” Has been discussed at length by all theorists alike.

moon close up
moon close up (click here for original source image)

There are those that say it can and there are those that say it cannot. There are even scientists involved in the study of astronomy that have theories on the matter as well.

There are many theories out there that explain the landing of the Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon. One of those theories is that the moon is so big, it pushes on the planet causing the tides that brings the moon to our planet. Some scientists believe that the irregularities in the moon’s orbit around the planet causes it to slightly move. It would move far too close to our planet and it would cause a slight re-orbiting of the moon. This would cause the moon to eventually come closer and pull down the planet’s gravity. It would then be in a very close position to our planet and appear to crash into it.