Exotic Super habitable Planets Just Waiting For NASA To Find Them

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planets (Click here for original source image)

In a recent discovery, scientists have found 24 super habitable planets that may be even better for life than earth.

The discovery of the new planets came from a NASA study called the Habitable Worlds Survey. The survey looked at all of the stars in the nearby universe to see if any of them had any atmospheres that could support life. It turned out that there are five planets that may even be more suitable than earth for supporting life. The research was led by astronomer Isabel Grosch from the University of Lisbon.

Why do astronomers think there are planets better suited for human life than the earth? The reason is they were not designed for it. For instance, many of these extra solar planets are very close to their stars. They get tidbits of solar system material that can be caught by solar telescopes and translated into information about the planet’s atmosphere. This can tell astronomers a lot about the nature of the planet. If the planet has a solid interior, liquid oceans, and an atmosphere, then it can have water-life and therefore may be able to support complex life.