Animals Evolving Into Crabs? A Basic Theory That Belongs to Science


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It’s amazing that animals keep evolving into crabs. For as long as dinosaurs have been around creatures from fish to reptiles to mammals have evolved into crabs. They share some of the same characteristics with their cousins like the crab, such as small body size, no tail, and a tendency to crawl instead of walk. Still, the basic concept of an animal evolving into a crab remains prevalent. As such, the latest creatures to take up the crab costume are surprisingly diverse. Let’s take a look at some of the latest species to emerge from the sea.

One of the newest species to keep evolving into crabs is the spiny claw crab. There aren’t a whole lot of details on this one yet. Most of its appearance so far is a black-shelled creature with red spots on its abdomen. It also has what looks like a rotted out version of a tail. It also has a number of tiny suckers on its claws.

The first evidence of this creature’s evolution came from an ancient fossilized egg. In the fossilized egg, the crab model features numerous rows of tiny spikes along its body, unlike the modern species that grow in only a few rows. It also sported mandibles, unlike modern crabs that have lost their front claws.