How Did Asteroids Steals Oxygen From the Ancient Atmosphere of Earth?

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Can Astronomy tell us about the Earths ancient atmosphere?

asteroid shower
asteroid shower (click here for original source image)

The question is if the ancient Astronomy records show any evidence of oxygen being stolen by meteorites. Can we find some evidence that the solar system had an oxygen rich atmosphere and that life could exist on the surface of the planet?

If so, is there a record of this in our planet’s history?

In fact there are many recorded cases and some observational clues to indicate that oxygen was stolen from the early Earths atmosphere by space rocks.

Oxygen is needed to breathe. It is necessary for life to survive. But it is also vital to the life of all the earths non-astronomical satellites in space. Hence there is some reason to suspect whether space rocks may have stolen oxygen from the early Earths atmosphere. Some astronomers are particularly worried about the discovery of Carbonaceous Chondrites (also known as asteroid bearing rocks) that contains much more than oxygen.