What Are Dying Gas Wells?


What are dying gas wells? These are wells that have been producing natural gas for decades but are now in their decline.

water fountain well
water fountain well (click here for original source image)

These are the same gas that has been burned for heating homes for centuries, but has become scarcer as the world uses more of the same to warm homes and business. So, while this is an excellent source of fuel, it is also a finite source and the planet cannot use so much of it. This means that there are limits to how much can be produced and this has caused problems.

In this world there are always things that are in a state of change, this is because it is a fossil fuel has been said to be nonrenewable.

The earth is slowly being overtaken by gas and oil as a result of this change. So, its been said that its probably best to reduce reliance on fossil fuels if we are to avoid serious repercussions. This means using more non-petrol based energies such as geothermal and solar power. It also means looking to alternative sources of energy which are friendly to the environment and can be replenished rapidly.