Studies Discover Human Choice Is Not A Natural Function

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Well, for starters on this subject, it’s clear that humans do not in fact choose their existence.

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However, A new science, called the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has discovered that humans have programming (probably like the matrix) that determines not only how they live their lives but also how they think and how they reason. The neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, technique can be used to change one’s way of thinking and change the way they reason about the world around them.

This is a new understanding of human behavior, discovered by modern scientists. Previous ideas about human choice involved a belief that our brains were responsible for making choices. However, this is a belief that was widespread among those in the scientific and engineering communities. As a result, these scientists believed for decades that we were blank slates without any programming. However, in the last thirty years there has been a quiet revolution amongst those who are in the know about the human mind and its power.

In the last thirty years, scientists have conducted numerous studies to determine if human beings actually have choices. These studies have revealed that the human brain is very malleable, allowing it to be trained to make certain choices over again. When the study results of this research were published, they shocked the scientific and intellectual community.