Mendocino Water Supply – How Can We Manage If It Has Been Depleted?

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As California droughts continues to become a major environmental, economic, and water quality problem, residents of the greater Mendocino region are growing increasingly worried about their water supply.

Will the water shortage in the lake that supplies the town’s water supply come to an end before long?

How long can the current water reduction from drought continue without adversely affecting Lake Mendocino’s fish population and its economy? This article will explore these important questions and offer some possible solutions to the water shortage.

Since drought is affecting almost every water body on Earth, we can no longer ignore the question of how long the California drought will last. Some might suggest that it will not affect the fish population of Lake Mendocino for up to three years. This could be true depending on how long the precipitation lasts during the winter. If the precipitation does not last the three years, there is still a good chance that fish will be impacted even if the lake does not have enough water to support them.