The Importance of Honey Bees to the Environment

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honey bee
honey bee (Click here for original source image)

There is an ongoing struggle between society and nature. Modernization has taken over the earth killing millions of insects each year. The result of this is a depleted ozone layer, food shortages and a medical problem we are only beginning to recognize. Honey bees, in fact, are our most important pollinators. Man has not been able to coexist with these insects because of his cruelty and ignorance.

Nature has a way of providing for the honey bees by providing for their survival. In return, the environment is provided with food, fuel, shelter and clothing. There is a delicate balance that exists between the two, but humans have upset it by destroying and exterminating the honey bees. It may seem that way, but it is very important to know the honey bee’s importance to the environment. By understanding how they are vital to the world and how we impact their survival, we can work toward working out a better balance so both our health and the environment are better off.

Do You Know If Some Hills Are Actually Old Trees?

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some mountains are actually ancient trees
some mountains are old trees (Click here for original source image)

Have you ever noticed how some mountains are actually old trees that have died and have since been pushed to the side by the advancing weather? Sometimes the trees are not long, but have grown in height. There are mountain ranges in the world and some of them are actually hundreds of thousands of years old! Tree roots can push a mountain up to more than a thousand feet in height, so if some trees have been pushed to the side by the weather, you might want to consider investing in some equipment to help clear the roots from your home or garden, and to keep them from rising back any time soon.

The reason some mountains are actually older trees is that they are surrounded by cliffs that have given them the shape that they have. Climbers and other types of growth will push the soil up and compact it at different heights. As this compacting takes place, the roots of the trees are able to penetrate and grow roots into the soil. The only way that the tree can rise to a certain height is if the roots are strong enough and the tree itself has the strength and stability to maintain its position.